The Benefits of Boiler Repair and Maintenance

What Does a Boiler Operator Do?

A boiler operator is someone who is qualified to undertake boiler repair andmaintenance work.They are technicians who are  specially   trained   to   maintain   andrepair boilers and equipments linked to boilers. They’re trained to operate, monitor, andrepair boilers and anything that affects the use of boilers. As boilers have become anintegral part of our lives in the UK, and it would be hard to think a household without aboiler, the maintenance and repair of  these  machines  require  specialist individuals.They ensure that the boiler is functioning as it should and that it is heating up the houseand it is required to do so. In the event of an issue or boiler breakdown, a boileroperator will be needed to repair the breakdown of the boiler.

What is boiler maintenance? 

Boiler maintenance is very important so that the boiler has a longer life. A boilermaintenance or service is a number of checks and tests that a Gas Safe person carriesout on the boiler.The idea  of a  regular  maintenance is to  ensure that the  boiler isworking efficiently and effectively. The boiler maintenance is a preventative measurewhereby a boiler is checked   so that it doesn’t cause sudden inconvenience to thehousehold. An annual boiler check will avoid boiler breakdowns and give the customer apeace of mind that nothing unexpected will happen with the boiler especially during thecold days. Some of the checks include the visual checks such as correct gas pressure,flow, water pH levels are correct, condensate system check, flame of boiler, and fluecheck (ensuring that it is fit for purpose). The inspection will also include the removal ofthe casing, which will allow us to see the parts and to establish whether the parts are allin order and that they are operating as they should. Some of the things that are lookedat   during   the   inspection   once   the   casing   is   removed   is   the   checking   of   the   heatexchanger, main injector, burner, and spark probe. The idea of the service is to ensurethat the components are working as they should. The inspection will give us a betteridea of whether any parts need repairing or a replacement is required. 

Why Do Boiler Maintenance?

The whole idea of a boiler service is to ensure that the boiler is in working order and thatthere are no issues and that it can have a longer life span. It also avoids any chance ofa   gas   leak   either,   as   it   is   vitally   important   that   there   is   no   chance   of   any   Carbon

monoxide being released from the boiler as it can be fatal. The boiler maintenance isalso   a   chance   to   check   the   health   of   the   boiler   and   to   establish   whether   a   boilerreplacement is required as all boilers at some point come to their end of life and willneed replacing. However, the replacement can be delayed by regular maintenance andensure that an annual service is carried out. 

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Having a boiler in a property allows the household to enjoy warmth during thewinter. However, if the boiler is not kept well maintained then it can also becomean unnecessary  headache. Boiler  breakdowns  are very  high during  the wintermonths. The  call  rate  for  repairs  go through the  roof  thus  it  is advisable thatregular   boiler   maintenance   is   carried   out   to   avoid   boiler   breakdowns.   Takingmeasures such as an annual boiler service avoids lots of problems such as gasleaks,   carbon   monoxide   issues,   boiler   breakdowns   and   huge   costs.   Thepreventative maintenance is advisable and can save you a lot of money especiallyin unexpected situations. It is recommend that annual boiler service is carried outand   booked   just   towards   the   end   of   the   summer   so   that   they   boiler   can   bechecked and is ready for the winter. The call out should not last more than anhour. We will endevour to give you the best advice on what to do and if the costof parts is not worth replacing we will advise you to replace the boiler and we canalso install the boiler. We will explain in detail what boiler is suitable for yourhousehold and within your budget.