Telemedicine is a goldmine of opportunities that is yet to be tapped – Deepak Singh’s Vision and Actions

In a world where digital transformation is rapidly changing numerous industries, the healthcare sector is no exception. The advent of telemedicine, and the provision of healthcare services through digital platforms, has drastically reshaped the industry. One trailblazer riding this wave of transformation and pushing boundaries is Deepak Singh, a visionary leader who is forging a path that many are now striving to follow. We got a chance to talk with him in a recent paper presentation event and we think it is worth sharing to inspire other upcoming leaders in this domain.

Deepak Singh was born and raised in a small town in India with limited healthcare facilities. He has always been passionate about making a difference. After completing his studies in Computer Science, he delved into the world of telecommunication driven by the idea that this technology connects people across the globe. Due to this, he joined Samsung – the leader in telecom space. He gained a deep knowledge of technology and especially video telephony technology (also heavily used in telemedicine use-case). “I was not able to see the impact of work and influence them and that is when I decided to go for an MBA and lead products end to end”, Says Mr. Singh. Post MBA, he started exploring my lost dream of making a difference through his learnings and one of the best ways he could think of was to get back into healthcare technology Space. “This way I get to keep my expertise in technology and use them to bring some positive change around me. I realized the potential of technology to bridge the healthcare accessibility gap,” Singh says. With a zeal to make healthcare reachable to everyone, Singh ventured into the realm of telemedicine. Today, he stands as one of the known figures in the healthcare industry, as evident from his appearances in conference talks and judging reputable award ceremonies in the HealthTech space. “If a mobile phone can reach every corner, so can healthcare,” Singh passionately declares.

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Singh’s contributions to the telemedicine industry are already significantly impacting millions of users across the nation. The exact numbers are confidential for NDA reasons. For example, the Mental Health products that he has built have brought about better health outcomes, increased accessibility, and cost savings for both insurance companies and users. His work has been a catalyst for a more efficient and effective healthcare system. “Every innovation in this domain is a step towards a healthier nation,” Singh often remarks, emphasizing his mission. Case studies from rural areas, where healthcare facilities were scarce, have shown that telemedicine initiatives (partially led by Mr. Singh) have brought noticeable health outcomes and significantly improved the quality of care. 

Singh envisions a world in which everyone can receive high-quality healthcare, regardless of their geography or socioeconomic position. He envisions a world in which every person has immediate access to at least basic medical care. As Mr. Singh continues to discover creative solutions that move us closer to this reality, his continuous work is positioned to make a substantial contribution to this goal. Singh frequently uses the phrase “the future of healthcare is here, literally in our hands” in reference to smartphone-enabled healthcare services. Innovation is the key to growth, and telemedicine is the goldmine of opportunity waiting to be tapped.”

Deepak Singh’s contribution to healthcare technology (and telemedicine) is sizable. Through his innovative ideas, leadership, and relentless dedication, he has paved the way for a future where quality healthcare is accessible to all. He also shared to time business news about his stealth projects that he is consulting with government of India, and few startups in San Jose. He started with Mental Health and now beaming into all other virtual healthcare products.

Telemedicine, an integral part of the digital revolution in healthcare, is redefining the global health paradigm by obliterating geographical and socioeconomic barriers. A report from Grand View Research predicts the global telemedicine market size will reach USD 298.9 billion by 2028, signifying its growing importance [1]. This digital health solution has been pivotal in enhancing health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. A study by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine showed that telemedicine could potentially save patients an average of $100 per visit [2]. Additionally, the impact of telemedicine has been transformative in rural areas, where accessibility to quality healthcare was previously limited. The National Rural Health Association reports that telemedicine has increased rural patients’ access to care by approximately 45% [3]. Mental health services have particularly witnessed a paradigm shift, with telemedicine facilitating more effective and accessible care. A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry reveals a significant decrease in the psychiatric hospitalization rates due to the implementation of telepsychiatry. As the world continually embraces digital innovation, telemedicine emerges not just as a promising trend but a transformative force primed to reshape the healthcare industry. As the American Medical Association suggests, the future of healthcare is here, with around 90% of healthcare organizations now adopting telemedicine, pointing to an unfolding revolution democratizing healthcare globally.

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