Meet Rising Star of Music Industry


I’ve been making music since i was 9 i recorded my first demo when i was 13 years old. My older brother has a life sentence unfortunately. But i used to make beats for him n his friends. Basically beatboxing beating on my chest or anything that made noise that formed a rhythm thats how it started for me man i aint lie bra my biggest inspiration is Between Lil Wanye n T.I. Them two help me really find myself as an artist they both got incredible talent but i used to study waynes bars through n through n t.i. I felt like was talking bout my life you know growing up fast saling drugs jail etc man first plan is for my music my name to reach the masses secondly
Born in central cali but raised in the bay area. I moved around alot lived in different places switched schools my father did social service work so every other 6 months or so we would relocate. when i moved up north that culture resonated with me the most. Thats where i really found myself. I adopted that culture as my second home
Secondly i want to change the narrative of first what it means to be muslim secondly what it means to be youmg black in America so my goal is to have a positive impact to not only hip hop but to the world
New projects
Have nots dropping late august
Notice dropping in the fall
Swish dropping this fall
Heavyweight dropping next spring
Yung the album dropping next year