TAN HUNG JSC: The Most Trusted Choice for Superior PP Woven Products

TAN HUNG JSC is one of the most important manufacturers of Polypropylene (PP) bags in Vietnam, and it supplies both local and overseas markets. With our extensive experience, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality products. The PP woven bags and sacks we make are tailored to meet our customers’ requirements regarding dimensions and weights. These woven PP bags are incredibly versatile and strong, making them ideal for industrial packaging. They are particularly suitable for packing and transporting bulk commodities.


PP (polypropylene) bags are made by intertwining polypropylene ribbons in opposite directions, and are widely known for their robustness and longevity. These strong, permeable, and money-saving sacks are perfectly suited for packing agricultural goods such as cereals, pulses, seeds and sugar, as well as commodities as assorted as sand, animal feed, chemicals, cement, metal components, etc.

We are the biggest maker of polypropylene sacks in Vietnam and store an extensive selection with a variety of sizes and types. Our bags are known for their consistent size, power, and quality.

We are delighted to present numerous possibilities so as to accommodate the desired purpose best. PP woven bags equipped with coatings and bags with inner liners are suitable for packaging items that may leak, ranging from light particles like sugar or flour to significantly dangerous materials such as fertilizers or chemicals. Liners shield the quality of the merchandise by preventing contamination from external sources and decreasing the exhalation or immersion of moisture.

We look forward to discussing your requirements and finding the right fit for you.

Advantages / features of PP woven bags

  • Tear resistant, reducing costly product losses and rework costs
  • Double-sided printing is possible
  • Can be customized to meet customer specifications
  • Available with smooth or anti-slip texture
  • Available with or without liner
  • Bags can be hot cut, cold cut or high cut
  • Can be laminated or laminated
  • It can be a gasket or a pad / tube
  • Available in any color or clear pattern
  • Widely used for products that need to breathe (to prevent mold or rot)

PP woven bags have several applications

  • Grains
  • Impulse
  • Sugar
  • Spill
  • Animal feed
  • No
  • Seeds
  • Salt
  • Chemistry
  • Cement

Additional options

  • Made with white, colored or transparent polypropylene fabric
  • Built in liners
  • A soft line is pressed into the mouth of the bag
  • Salvage, hot stroke or cold stroke
  • Plain type or gusset
  • Laminated or unlaminated
  • Available in multi-color printing

Why choose us?

As one of the best manufacturers of PP woven bags in Vietnam, we would like to provide comprehensive support through negotiation to meet your special packaging needs.

All our operations are certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. It has ISO 22000: 2018 certification, which guarantees the safety of its products for the food industry, and HACCP certification.

  1. All grade food raw materials are used, no processed materials and no smell. At the same time, the power is more reliable.
  2. Our polypropylene woven bags are manufactured in a BRC certified food grade plant
  3. High print quality with PP woven bags

Our core competence consists of the following factors:

  • Professional work environment
  • Strong quality control
  • Product customization as per customer requirements
  • Advanced manufacturing units
  • Experienced workforce
  • Latest automatic and semi-automatic equipment
  • Well-equipped testing laboratory
  • Team of experienced polymer engineers
  • Ability to meet multiple requirements within a minimal lead time
  • Regarding timely delivery
  • Competitive price

Contact us

  • Main page: https://www.ppwovenbagvietnam.com/
  • mail: ppwovenbag.invietnam@gmail.com, sales@ppwovenbagvietnam.com
  • Phone/WhatsApp: +84 968 537 231 (Mr. Ken)
  • Address: Ha Binh Phuong Industrial Zone, Hanoi, Vietnam

Mr. Hanh Dang (Ken) looks forward to helping you 24/7 for more information, support, advice and solutions.