Surprising Benefits of Doggy DayCare

One of the main reasons parents are encouraged to send their children to preschool and nursery school is that the child learns to socialize with others. The same reason holds true for dogs!

Like people, all dogs have different dispositions, and it’s important for your dog to learn how to play and interact with the others in a safe environment.

Depending on the breed, some dogs are assertive, others aggressive, and others are shy and retiring. High energy dogs act much differently than the laid-back breeds.

If you have a tiny terrier or Shih Tzu, they might be intimidated by larger breeds like great Danes, Newfoundlands or German shepherds. In that case, a playgroup composed of similarly sized dogs might help them feel at ease and have as much fun as possible.

Playgroups in HHP Rockville doggy daycares are also a good safety precaution since some energetic dogs might not understand how to be cautious around their small or timid counterparts.

Despite the differences in temperament, a dog daycare lets your dog learn of all the other beautiful breeds out there, and they will learn faster, and you won’t have to worry about separation anxiety.
If your dog gets used to seeing you at home at all times, a sudden change in your routine will make it anxious, setting it back a few months, in terms of the training you have put it through.

Your dog may start peeing or pooping in the house, it might start chewing your clothes, or shoes, among others. These are the signs of canine separation anxiety which often leads to destructive behaviors.

ving your dog home alone and wondering what the secret life of your pet is all about, find the best doggy daycare and take it there. Just make sure it’s been vaccinated. Interaction with other dogs will protect your dog from becoming too depressed and sick because of loneliness.

Choosing The Best Doggy DayCare
Tour The Facility
Before you sign up to give your dog the benefits of doggy daycare, it’s important to tour the facility to make sure it will be a good fit. Ask about their staff-to-animal ratio, what training the staff receives, what kind of food or treats are provided, how often the dogs are taken out for potty breaks, and so on.

Choosing a Day Care for Dogs

Check The Amenities
In order to avoid over-stimulation, facilities should also provide quiet spots, with cots or beds, so that each dog can take a quick snooze or are able to just be by themselves if they want a break. Most places will offer half or full-day services, as well as packages that give you a discount for bringing your dog several times a week or even daily. Be sure to ask about cost, although that shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Check their play area. Is it built for entertainment and safety? Does it include a pool or a set of play-track? Is the area large enough to fit all the dogs?

Security & Monitoring Procedures
Many doggy care facilities offer web cams, so you can take a peek at what your pup is up to during the day. Some also take daily pictures and send them to you. Depending on the number of dogs active, the ratio between monitoring staff and the number of dogs is 1: 6. That means, for every six dogs, there is one monitoring staff.

Services Offered
The best daycare for dogs offer a wide range of services including grooming, basic to full grooming; shuttle services, pick up and drop off; and training classes, as well as veterinary services, and others will also offer boarding services. Others may be fitted with stores for pet supplies and pet food. While some premium services are offered at an extra cost, you should look for the daycare whose services meet the needs of your dog, affordably.

Speaking of affordability, you might want to choose the daycares that offer daily, weekly or monthly payment plans and packages.

Final Thoughts
If a daycare doesn’t work out for you and your dog, try another one. Or why not try a dog training class? You can also install a home pet camera to supervise your pet while you are away, but this will require basic training.

All facilities are different, and you’ll soon discover the perfect place that offers the many benefits of doggy daycare: socialization, loads of fun, relief from boredom, human interaction, and canine friends to meet and greet every day.

Keep in mind that like toddlers, pups require exposure to an environment offering constant supervision, rules, a sense of safety, and rituals. And above all, they need companionship.


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