Look for the Smartest Solutions with the Floor Plans and More

Measuring, drawing, and planning: when preparing projects, paper and pencil are still the most popular tools for many craftsmen, although so many other things are technically possible. An example of this is an app that can be used to draw floor plans, calculate material costs and create offers. The use of the Floor plan apps come up most effective there.

Digitization in the Craft

While other professional worlds have long been permeated by the digital, the craft, especially the construction industry, still seems to be alien. Why is that? Obviously, in many craft businesses there is a lack of knowledge about the benefits that digitization actually brings in everyday work. This is shown, among other things, by a survey carried out by the Central Association of Crafts among craft businesses at the beginning of 2018. 28 percent of the companies’ surveyed rate the importance of digitization as low, 27 percent sees no importance at all for their business area.

That’s a shame, because digitization offers countless opportunities to do work faster, safer and better, as the few pioneering projects in trade and industry impressively demonstrate: GPS-tracked vehicle fleets, 3D printers that produce individual components, or computer-controlled cranes, move the heavy loads.

Digitization without Personnel Costs

But even if craft businesses actually want to advance the topic of digitization, they simply do not have the resources to do so. A trade in the handicrafts subject to authorization consists on average of four employees. And all of these normally have to generate sales.

This was also confirmed by the companies questioned in the survey: 33 percent stated that the lack of human and time resources was the greatest obstacle to digitization. Solutions that require short training period and low staffing requirements are therefore in demand. The floor planning app is a good example of this. Professionals tested them. WithFoyr Neo all these problems get solved rapidly.

Floor Plans and More with Floor Plan Apps

The floor plan app relieves tradespeople of a lot of work on construction and renovation projects by automating several activities at the same time.

Draw the Floor Plan

Pencil and tape measure stay in the toolbox, furniture in place. All that an app needs to create floor plans is a tablet or smartphone. The creation of floor plans is as easy as taking photos thanks to the latest augmented reality technology computer-aided expansion of reality: you aim at the corners of a room with your mobile device and app automatically creates the floor plan.

With a little practice, the creation of a floor plan takes no longer than 30 seconds. The accuracy is 95 percent. After you have created the floor plan, objects such as sockets, furniture, but also photos and written comments can be added.

Do You Need One Hundred Percent Precision?

Then connect the device with which you are using the app to a laser. Many laser devices that support Bluetooth are compatible with floor planning app, for example the laser device.

Estimate Costs

Based on the recorded data (area, surroundings, etc.) app calculates the required number of items and estimates the cost. To do this, you can store your company’s price lists in the app. For example, if you want to paint the walls, app will tell you how many buckets of paint and masking tape you need. The materials can be ordered directly from the materials dealer or you can initiate the ordering process in-house.

Create Offers

Taking into account the floor plan, mixing furniture and the calculated material costs, you can calculate the costs for the planned project in seconds.