Study Reveals That 1 In 4 People Are Not Wearing Mask in Public Transport

There are some people out there in the world who still think that coronavirus was just a media exaggeration and a conspiracy created by the internet media to create harassment among all the people around the world. At first, people thought exactly like that but when the cases started to rise and it was reported that on daily basis millions of people are being affected or even dying from this particular disease the people all around the world started taking this disease in a  much more serious way they also started to act upon it so that they can be protected and secured for the sake of their own selves and also for their families.

After the breakdown of this deadly virus it was advised to people that they spend most of their times in their houses so that they protect themselves from any sort of disease because there was a great chance of the outbreak of this virus and as it was so common and so rapidly growing, there were huge chances that any person of whatsoever age may be able to catch this deadly disease through any sort of human contact.

The government has advised the people to avoid going out and if they are going out, they are strictly advised to cover themselves properly and wear masks and maintain social distance with the other fellow being, in this way they can also be protected and can also continue their daily routine work without any hazard stopping their way.

Governments have advised people working in offices, a student studying in schools and even the people traveling thorough any mode of traveling by any van leasing special offers to wear masks and to maintain social distancing in order to minimize the outbreak of this pandemic.

Government Instructions and Researches Related Travelling in Coronavirus:

In this article, we will discuss one of the very latest researches conducted on the people traveling through buses and other public transport, in the research it was proven that that only 1 in 4 people are wearing masks in public transport which increases the chances of the outbreak of this deadly virus.

In this article, I will prove that this study is not at all correct and this research has produced false or incomplete results from people who are traveling through public transport. All the passengers whether traveling through subways, trains or buses have been following all the basic rules and regulations provided by the governments and it was even observed that a transport filled with 185 people only 2 were found who were not wearing any masks.

All the major cities such as London and Manchester even in Glasgow people were observed following all the basic regulations that are prescribed by the government for the safety of their own selves. People have become more self-aware about the ongoing situation and now they are also participating in figuring out the situation and they are even offering to help by abiding all the rules and regulations given by the government.


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