Stream work makes the dream work: 5 reasons to consider holding a seminar online

The word ‘seminar’ might initially bring to mind university classes. However, their educational purposes also make seminars well-suited to the business sphere, where they can often “focus on personal development or business strategies”, as The Balance Small Business explains.  

As CBS News notes, the word ‘webinar’ has been used since roughly 1994, and essentially refers to an online seminar. So, why should your own business seriously contemplate delivering a seminar online? Here are some of the biggest benefits it could gain from doing so. 

Webinars are relatively easy to organise at short notice 

Usually, when preparing an in-person seminar, you would need to plan well ahead in order to book the right room or venue for it. Also, as many of the target attendees for this event could have to travel to it from a significant distance, you would need to give them enough time to plan ahead, too.

However, as a webinar is held online and can be quickly accessed remotely through an online connection, you wouldn’t need to be quite as choosy about where and when you put on the event. 

You could get some help in hiring the right guest speakers  

As TechFunnel points out, most webinars each have multiple experts. For many people, that’s a powerful incentive to attend webinars in the first place. 

If there’s a certain expert you hope to hire as a guest speaker for your webinar, you could find them surprisingly receptive to participating – as they could do so from their own home. They wouldn’t need to set aside time in their doubtless busy schedule to physically travel to where you will be presenting.

You could invite internet users from all over the world to your event

One simple reason for this is that the event would be happening, well, online. Hence, theoretically, absolutely anyone with a decent enough internet connection – regardless of the country where they are based – would be able to come along to the webinar. 

Another reason is that online events can be made available ‘on demand’ once finished – meaning that even awkward time zones don’t necessarily have to be a barrier. 

It can be surprisingly easy to make a big impact with webinars

This is due to their significant flexibility. You don’t even always have to be heard or seen in the webinar to impress people with it – as, on many occasions, you could simply show pre-recorded video footage and audio snippets of other people. 

Nonetheless, you should make sure you invest in the right webinar platform – as, otherwise, technical wrinkles could potentially throw you off course.

Webinars can serve as marketing content that doesn’t come across as ‘salesy’

The educational nature of webinars enables them to inform attendees of what they genuinely need to know.  

In this context, it would be easier for you to slip in mentions of products or services without giving off the air of a pushy salesperson. You should therefore make sure the overall subject of the webinar ties in strongly with the offerings you want to mention.


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