How to Extreme Coupon and Save Big on Groceries: What You Need to Know

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) back in 2020, an average American family spends over $4,643 for food on an annual basis. With the pandemic right now, food and other personal items might become a lot more expensive than ever before.

Luckily, there are some ways in which the average consumer can save tons of money from their groceries. One such strategy involves shopping at a store with less-expensive products. Another great tactic is by buying items that are currently in season.

Although, if you truly want to save a ton of money from groceries, coupons are your best bet. More specifically, the art of extreme couponing is how you will be able to maximize your savings from doing groceries.

Extreme couponing is not actually hard and time-consuming, all you just need is a little bit of know-how and a good extreme-couponing strategy, and you are all set for a lifetime of savings from groceries.

How to Start Extreme-Couponing?

Extreme couponing is the art of combining your shopping skills with coupons that you have on hand. This is how most shoppers will be able to get all their money’s worth and even more.

To store extreme couponing, you will have to follow the guide below:

Acquire some Coupons

To start off, you will need to first acquire some coupons for the items you are planning to buy later. To be able to do some extreme couponing, you will need to have lots and lots of coupons. However, you don’t really have to spend so much time searching for different coupons. Copies of multiple coupons will still work for extreme couponing.

Some of the coupons you should look out for include:

  • Percent-off Coupons
  • Cash Rebates
  • Manufacturer Coupons

What makes these coupons amazing is the fact that you can even use two or more coupons for a bigger discount. Though, you should take note that not all coupons can be combined. A few trials and errors can help you learn what coupons are compatible and not.

Coupons are, honestly, a lot like cash. So, collecting a lot of them can be quite beneficial for you. There are plenty of places where you can acquire some coupons.

Apply for Loyalty Programs

Most of the stores nowadays have a loyalty program in which their customers can register for it. Loyalty members will be given a lot of privileges, including store promotions and coupons.

If you happen to have a store that you frequently visit, you should ask them if they offer any kind of loyalty programs.

Sunday Programs

Newspapers aren’t just for newsworthy articles; they are also where stores post their ads. From those ads, you can actually get some coupons.

Subscribing to multiple newspapers will usually net you tons of coupons, but you won’t really be at all saving tons of money with the subscription.

So, to actually save money on coupons from newspapers, you need to visit recycling centers near your area and look at the newspapers being handed there. Another creative and free method includes you going to dollar stores or coffee shops and looking at their newspapers. Some of these newspapers might just have the coupon you are looking for.

Check Coupon Sites

Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that you can visit to acquire coupon codes. Not only will these websites offer coupons, they will also offer cashback programs as well. Thekrazycouponlady, Honey Chrome Plugin and GoMontana Deals are some of the best starting points for a beginner.

Organize Your Coupons

Collecting coupons is one thing; organizing them is another. To ensure that your coupons are still valid or you won’t forget that you have a coupon for certain items, it is best that you organize all of them in safe storage.

The more organized your coupons are, the better it is because you will be able to find the coupons easily and use them anytime you want.

Before You Shop, Stop!

Having the coupons ready with you is a good thing, but you will need to have patience to become an extreme couponer. Patience for what, you may ask?

Well, to start off, you may want to shop during mega-sales. That is if you want to really go for the lowest price. Mega sales don’t happen quite a lot, which is why you will need to have patience.

The next thing you have to worry about is the policies involving coupons. To ensure that your coupons are valid upon their use, it is best to check for the store’s policies in regards to their coupon system. Yes, it may seem like quite a hassle, but if you want to save money, a little bit of effort won’t hurt.

Next Stop, Shop

Now that you have everything ready with you, your next stop is shopping. To ensure that you can save big on groceries, make sure to stack up everything that can give you a discount.

Here are some ideas on what you may be able to stack:

  • Stacking Regular Coupons
  • Stacking Coupons together with Sales
  • Stacking Regular Coupons with Manufacturer Coupons 
  • Stacking Coupons with Cashback deals

Indeed, extreme couponing might seem like a hassle at first, but if you want to save money from the shopping, it is your best bet to get the biggest discounts. But,you should stay clear from illegal couponing methods.


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