Steps To Consider When You Create An App?

Today with the rise of mobile applications it has become an interesting market to expand your influence and it is important to take into account certain factors that will help determine how complicated or simple it can be to develop an application. Since now we have app builder to create an app so we don’t have to worry about development.

1. Create an App to promote business or to obtain benefit?

If your App is going to show your car lot, supermarket, shopping plaza, or local establishment, then it is easier for you to hire a local application development company, you do not need to learn much about the process, just show them some applications that are already made of which you like its design, accompanied by the information, photos and videos that you want in yours. However its best if you use an app creator to make an app.

Going with a design in mind (if possible on paper) of the app can save designers a lot of time. On the other hand, we have the problem that Apple has become more strict about not publishing applications that are primarily marketing material. If you want to make the most possible downloads of your application, you should consider putting it for free. After it’s ready, tell all your clients about it.

Is your main objective to make money from your App?

If you want to make money then the application should not be directed only to one region, season or country. To maximize your profit, start small and use your first few apps to learn. You can buy source code of existing applications and thus save on development time that is more expensive, the less you spend, the faster you will become profitable. 

You can investigate what is the most popular in the application store and thus reduce the risk since you focus on making a type of application that is already tested and is already working in the market demand.

2. Should you make an App for Android, for iOS or for both?

iOS and Android use different languages, so many people usually choose to develop only one version to keep costs low. If you want to earn money, for now choose to develop for iOS since users of this platform are more used to paying for applications, but if you think that Android is better suited to your demographic market then choose this option. 

If you want your application to promote a business then seriously think about choosing Android since it doesn’t have to go through a review like Apple’s and you avoid the risk that it will not be published, plus you will be able to see it working within hours of having published it instead. waiting more than a week.

3. Should the app be free?

The price of the applications is influenced by the category to which it belongs. Free applications are usually games or entertainment, especially on android. Unless it is an incredibly complex and niche app, the safest version is to make two versions, one free and one paid. 

Evaluate which one generates the earning and work from there. To begin making money from a free app you can include advertisements, after a few months that you already have an audience, you can start experimenting with in-app purchases and other monetization options. Remember, if you want more downloads distribute your free signature application.

4. What kind of App should you develop?

The best method to make money from your application is to know if there is market demand before you start developing it. Enter the Apple appstore or the Google Marketplace every day and see the top free downloads, paid downloads and the applications that are growing in the categories in which you are interested. 

If you can download and try them, are people downloading the type of App you want to develop? if not, you’d better put that idea aside and move on to your next app idea. Do not fall in love with or marry an idea, if you do, let it be with the profits you made from other applications.

5. Should you hire someone or learn to develop the application yourself?

If you only want to make an app, to promote a business for example, you should hire a team. Hiring a team that does it from your company is easier but it may cost you more due to learning time, hiring time, hiring a company that is dedicated to this is faster due to experience and at the same time less expensive.

If what you want is to start an application development business, then the best thing would be to learn how to develop applications, the processes and how the application market works. Learn from the success stories and how they succeeded. You can lose a lot of money developing an application if you don’t have a basic understanding of what is involved and how much effort is required. You can take courses online to make it easier.

6. Risk of developing an App?

Try to create a portfolio of successful applications, rather than putting all your energy into just one big one. In the start it is much easier to make more money from many small applications than from one large one.

You will discover a lot from each App you develop, so the quality of development will increase. You’ll make mistakes and learn lessons, so keep your costs low up front so you don’t go bankrupt.

Do not spend a year working so that the application is perfect, better get a small section with which the application is functional and upload it to the store. Get user feedback and validate your assumptions like price, app type, design, features, etc. as soon as you can. The information you obtain will help you to improve and grow your application and in turn the profits in the future.