How To Set Up Your Company In Hungary Legally

Hungary is the new fashionable country in Europe to create a company and be able to run it legally without residing there.

Among the many advantages and facilities company formation in Hungary offers their best, it include, what stands out the most is that it has the lowest corporate tax in all of Europe, this being 9%, much lower than that of Spain, which is 25%.

In addition, for non-European citizens, another of the main advantages of opening a company in Hungary is that it allows obtaining a visa and a residence permit, for the person who opens the company and for their family, and that therefore, they could circulate freely. By all the countries of the Schengen area, which is made up of most of the countries of the European Union and some others from outside it, such as Norway and Switzerland best for company formation in Hungary.

How To Start A Business In Hungary

The best way to create a company in Hungary is to contact a specialized agency, one of them with a service in Hungary is

Register Your Company In Hungary

To open your company in Hungary, you can delegate this task to a manager who is in this country, signing a power of attorney before a notary, or you can sign it at the nearest Hungarian embassy or consulate.

The management company that processes this for you can give you the necessary documentation and the steps to follow, with their help everything will be very simple.

VAT Number And Intercommunity Vat Number

When you register your company in Hungary, they give you the VAT number and intra-community VAT number with which you can already generate invoices.

Opening A Bank Account In Hungary

Once your company is registered in Hungary, you can open a bank account in this country.For this procedure, you do have to go to the country and go with someone to act as a translator, since English is not widely used in Hungary.

Once you have a bank account, you can operate online and send the money to the bank account in your country without any problem.

This is the only time you would need to be present in Hungary, then you could go back to your country and run the company from there.

Other Advantages Of Having Your Company In Hungary

Hungary is also an ideal strategic place to start a company, since it is located in the center of Europe and is one of the cheapest countries in the entire European Union.

Its capital, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities on the entire continent and has a great transport infrastructure both locally, nationally and internationally, with trains to the most important points of the entire continent.

Contact A Specialized Agency

To open a company in Hungary, the best option is to contact an agent specialized in this type of procedure, one of which I have found, as I mentioned at the beginning is, but if you know of any other you can leave a comment.