Stake Referral Code for 2022

When you start investing with Stake, it is essential to receive your free stock, this article will guide you through that exact process. So if you want to receive Stake’s free stock in 2022, you’ll love this detailed article. Let’s dive right in…


When investing in US and Asx200 stocks the best platform to use is If you’re here for a Stake Referral Code here it is – Racheld656 Stake is an online app and website to buy the U.S and most recently ASX stocks without any commissions. It is a popular choice within Australia, as it is a great way to invest in the United States Stock Market. A stake exists to break barriers between people within Australia & New Zealand and provide citizens with these financial opportunities on the United States Stock Exchange, It is certainly the best way to buy US stocks. Currently, is offering stock bonuses when signing up to their platform under a referral code. If you’re looking to sign up for Stake then be sure to enter this working Stake Referral code for 2022 Racheld656 to get a guaranteed chance to win a Stake-free stock worth $10 to $100.


Founded in 2017, Stake is an Australian-based zero-fee discount broker, which specializes in US stocks and ETFs the brokerage is overseen within the top-tier investing apps. The stake is a platform for trading US stocks & ETFs for people in Australia & New Zealand. Trading US stocks & ETFs was very expensive for Australians in the past, until platforms such as & Spaceship Voyager got introduced, now with these platforms, you’re able to have access to trading platforms that are free of commissions. The stake is considered safe because the platform is regulated by the top regulators and client assets are protected up to an amount of $500,000 under the securities investor protection corporation’s insurance. The stake operates in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Stake provides the same services in these countries; however, they have slight differences to comply with different federal laws.


Opening an account with Stake is a process that is completed fully online and fast. The trading platforms are user-friendly and well-designed Australian investing apps. On the negative side, Stake only offers stocks and ETFs limited to the US market. Stake takes a small FX conversion fee to make money. When you use AUD (bank transfer or credit card) to fund your account, it converts into USD. This fee is affordable, better, and more competitive than what most of the banks in Australia charge. In the end, you save more money than many platforms such as Commsec. It is essential and useful for the traders who are not ready to invest a lot of their money altogether.

Now, Stake is providing a service that offers Australian and New Zealand citizens with the ability to invest and trade US stocks without commission, meaning more buying of shares and fewer fees. You can invest in different shares such as Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, Tesla, etc. Moreover, you can invest in ETFs from Vanguard and many other companies. The stake platform has expert investor opinions that are present on a minority of stocks, to help its users choose a profitable investment, however, Stake recently has created Stake Black, which provides user’s that pay a monthly fee of $9 for expert opinions, beneficial advice and instant trading for day traders.

Stake Black, is a premium subscription for accounts that allows users to take control of their investments with more advanced tools and features such as Instant buying power, Analyst Ratings and Price Targets.


Stake understands how frustrating it can be to wait the US-market-standard T+2 days for sales to settle. Using Stake Black, you can have instant buying power, allowing you to immediately reinvest funds from a sale as soon as it is executed. Providing the opportunity to day trade U.S stocks and ETF’s instantly, making Stake a completely unique experience within Australia & New Zealand.

It is one thing access to Wall St, but another thing is to have the latest access to Wall St express. Get a more informed opinion on a company or stock by assessing how the most successful people in business value the stocks.

Buying or selling out of a position is never easy, with stake black and normal users you are provided with pricing targets so you can see how others are valuing stocks. Pricing targets can assist in your decisions based on collective analyst valuations.

  • Stake is a commission-free platform, it does not charge any commissions for selling or buying like the traditional brokers.
  • You just have to pay the FX fee which is a small conversion fee for depositing AUD.
  • The FX conversion fee is pretty affordable, and you can deposit USD.
  • You can use POLi to deposit online by your bank account.
  • The service is Trusted by Australia Post.
  • You can quickly trade, access your fund, and deposit using a credit or debit card.
  • You can trade a huge range of US stocks.

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Stake offers free stock and ETF trading on US markets. There is no inactivity fee, which is a bonus and no trading fees. Stake earns its money through the deposit and withdrawal is not free of charge.

Stake charges no inactivity fee for the basic Stake account, however, if you choose to use Stake black you will be charged an additional $9, which offers additional services.

Stake charges for a deposit and withdrawal as shown below

  • There is an FX fee for depositing and withdrawing. The FX fee is 0.5% or a minimum of $2 for Australian/New Zealand customers.
  • An additional $2 bank processing fee for withdrawals.
  • Australian customers can also deposit using credit/debit cards. The credit/debit card deposit fee is 2% of the amount or a minimum of $2.