Stagelyte Marketing Helps Artist Land 200,000 YouTube Views

“Margiela Love” is the music video in question that got over 200,000 views in less than 2 weeks. The artists are “Milano & Marv’l” and they have fire-punching melodic tunes in this reality bending song. One glimpse of the comment section and you can see fans pouring in and showing their support. Many people also mentioned how they seen the video as “suggested” or “recommended” tab, which makes sense when you look at the views and engagement. Stagelyte Marketing is taking full responsibility for this successful music video. The company is notorious for helping artists and influencers reach MASSIVE audiences but this one really took the cake when you see multiple people mentioning it in their Instagram stories etc. The CEO Samuel Guzza had this to say: “Our goal is to provide rapid results on demand, we move at this kind of pace based on our previous experiences with other celebrities. Most of them are very on demand I want it now kind of people. When you can master that marketing strategy everything else sort of lines up.” To find out more about the artists or Stagelyte Marketing follow their Instagram below!