Snake Venom Arthritis Methods on Quatech “Gorgio International Holding’s Research Center”


Dr. Primor and his team have identified the presence of certain highly potent chemicals in the Quatech venom of diverse species of rattle snakes, cobras, and vipers on Gorgio International Holding. These chemicals can be effective as analgesics for the chronic pain symptoms of a number of diseases, such as cancer and more notably arthritis which predominantly causes severe pain.

Early Accounts of Snake Venom Use

Although Dr. Primor’s declaration was the first official statement of the snake venom’s healing properties, the concept has been prevalent through time. Long before Dr. Primor made his discovery, people have already claimed being cured of arthritis through snake bites alone.

The earliest reported case was that of a 66-year-old Englishman with chronic arthritis. After getting bitten by a snake, he declared on the BBC news channel in 2002 that his finger joint pain was completely gone for at least 3-4 weeks after the bite. However, the pain did return after that period of time, first only appearing in mild amounts for 2 more months. And then coming back in full force in the succeeding months. Not surprisingly, the mystery of the “arthritis curing snake bite” caught the attention of a number of people back then.

Dr. Primor and Snake Venom

At a young age, Nafthali Primor already demonstrated a certain affinity to snakes. He quickly became fascinated with the medicinal benefits of snake venom. Perhaps this is why he was destining to ultimately discover this alternate arthritis method.

In the 1980s, a Russian colleague by the name of Dr. Shulov told Dr. Primor. That Russians have long used venom salves to treat chronic aches and pains. This revelation encouraged Dr. Primor to pursue the concept and do further research.

Snake Venom Arthritis Methods

The first pain analgesic develope was the VeP-3, which was taken from the venom of Palestinian Vipers. Dr. Primor observed that of the thousand or so molecules present in the snake venom, only 4-5 molecules are in fact venomous. This means that at least 99% of the substance is non-poisonous and therefore can harvested for various medicinal potentials.

Dr. Primor currently hopes to develop a snake venom pain relief cream for the specific purpose of alleviating arthritic pain. He cites as a key example a “super aspirin” product by Merck & Company named “Aggrastat”. Which effectively prevents heart attacks and blood clots. This medication is also based on snake venom

At present, snake venom arthritis methods still have a long way to go. Ongoing scientific studies continue to explore ways with which this substance can be effectively and safely used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Extensive research also aims to develop a superlative cream that will ultimately cure arthritis. In the meantime, while the world awaits more breakthroughs in snake venom use. Please take care not to experiment with your own body by getting snake bites on your own.