A container can be shipped to Haiti in FCL, LCL Shipping, and Standard dry shipping containers.


This fully-filled and sealed container is used to convey products such are; personal effects, household items, vehicles, and Commercial goods.

Main FCL containers are;

  • 20-foot container 
  • 40-foot container 
  • 40-foot container high cube

LCL Shipping.

LCL (less than container load), also known as group shipment, occurs when a client’s products are insufficient to fill an entire container. Instead, the goods of several clients are combined into one container.

Because smaller volumes are shipped more frequently using the LCL method, storage costs can also be reduced.

But it’s also essential to take security into account. When shipping in groups, there are more loading and unloading processes (breaking bulk), which could result in product damage, theft, or loss.

Standard dry shipping containers

Shippers frequently discover that standard dry shipping containers are the best option for their dry freight when it comes to shipping. Although they come in various sizes and capacities, they cannot be vented or frozen, making them inappropriate for fragile or brittle cargo.

The cost to ship a container to Haiti.

The cost of shipping varies significantly based on the origin and destination countries as well as the ports used in each nation. You may ship your container to Haiti with Ameritrans Freight International at the most competitive price in FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load) using the company’s extensive network of ports throughout the globe (Less than Container Load). Please select your desired route and form of transportation, then take advantage of our lowest rates for unforeseen charges.

 Elements that affect the price of shipping containers.

  • Size and Product Type

The product’s size, kind, weight, and volume affect how much it will cost to send a container to Haiti. It’s critical to remember that these variables are all confined somehow. A container that is either too small or too heavy is not allowed to be sent.

  • Origin

 Where your products are made will determine how much it will cost to ship a container to Haiti. If you profitably produce in your native nation, it makes sense to send from there. But it’s important to remember that this element has a cap. There is no reason to pay more for shipping than necessary. Therefore if the price of shipping from your origin to your destination is out of your price range, look for another solution.

• Where the destination is located.

The location of the ultimate destination will have the most significant impact on how much it will cost to ship a container to Haiti. You can expect your purchases to be delivered to this location. Especially for those who are not familiar with the transportation sector, moving goods into Haiti might be challenging. If you want to lawfully import your items into Haiti, be prepared to face a number of restrictions and fees. The cost of delivering a an also includes certain other expenses.

Other expenses for shipping containers to Haiti

•cost of passing through customs

• The price of using a local agency in Haiti. 

Clearing customs.

The cost of transporting your container to Haiti will vary depending on several factors, but it will be more expensive than shipping within the United States. Agents on the ground in Haiti can help with transporting and unloading your container, making the procedure smoother and faster when clearing customs in Port-au-Prince.


 You should research businesses specializing in shipping containers across oceans if you need anything critical to get into Haiti. The individual will also need to provide your insurance for the items in your container because standard ocean freight companies do not handle this.

When passing through Haitian customs, you must disclose a CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) amount. If your goods are insured for an amount more significant than what is shown on the insurance certificate, you can be required to pay a higher customs duty. 

Handling cost

You will need to deposit an additional USD 100 to account for the line handling cost if your container is transported by ferry from Miami.

The other option is to hire someone on the ground in Haiti to unload and carry your products because the port lacks the necessary infrastructure. In addition, you’ll be charged for keeping your container in Haiti while you wait to get it through customs.

Duration for container shipping to Haiti.

The transit times for container shipments can vary greatly depending on the method used. Even if Haiti is ultimately where you want your international shipping to go, you won’t be able to calculate how long it will take to get there until you’ve determined the ports of origin and destination.


To sum up, Ameritrans Freight Shipping Company provides quick, dependable, and affordable rates for container shipment to Haiti 


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