Revealed. 8 Tips to Crack GMAT Successfully

Thousands of aspirants prepare for the exam every year. However, only a handful of them succeed. What can you do to taste success? Here are some tips.

1# Find about GMAT Test Pattern

Before you start preparation, the first thing you should do is to understand the basic structure of the GMAT

  • the sections,
  • the duration,
  • the number of questions
  • the scoring mechanism
  • gmat test dates

When you do it, you will get a perspective as to what you are aiming for.

2# Should You Take Quant First?

You should start working on the Quant concepts. For an initial overview, go through the explanations of different topics provided in the Official Guide.

Later on, you can switch to a more extensive guide such as Kaplan (use Kaplan Discount Code to get one). Besides, you should find out various GMAT forums for notes. These are compact versions of rules given in these guides.

3# How to Use the Official Guide for Ground Work?

Once you are done with the concepts, solved the Official Guides under time constraints or real-exam. Check the answers and review mistakes. If you have not bought them, you should do it now. With the Quant Official Guide, you would probably get even better scores than expected.

4# Preparing for Verbal section

Start preparing for the Verbal section. You can use the Kaplan as well as other guides and materials available. You could also use the Manhattan Guides. They are fair and provide you with a lot of relevant test prep information on the sections. However, you should use them if you have time and desire to put the effort required to go through them in depth.

5# Take Practice Tests To Gauge Your Prep

Once you have completed the Manhattan Guides, you should start practising from the Official Guides. You should solve the questions, check the answers, and review the mistakes. Next, you should take a GMAT Prep mock test and find out how much you have scored. Even if you get a lower-than-expected score, don’t dishearten and find out your weak spots.

6# Use the Material Available Online

You can easily find online material that offers questions from their question bank for trial. Once you give the first mock test, you will realize that you need to improve your Verbal score.  Take this opportunity and solve as many questions as you could under timed conditions. Check your answers and keep practising.

7# Give More Practice Tests

It would help if you attempted more questions and reviewing the mistakes. It would help you better in the next mock text that you will attempt. After some time, when you retake the test, the scores will improve. It happens because you are managing the time better.

8# Reaching the Target Score

When you keep giving the test, you will hit the target score sooner than later. However, it would help if you gauged your accuracy level in both sections. Look for more resources (use Kaplan Code) to learn new tips and tricks and score better.


Keep in mind that practicing and continuous are the only way to improve your scores and taste success.