The Unique Challenges of Hiring an Executive Member of Your Team

Hiring for any position can be a challenge. Not only do you have to find someone who is qualified, you also have to find someone who fits your company culture. 

Doing that when hiring an executive to fill a vacant seat on your team is even more of a challenge for these reasons.

You Can’t Just Post the Job and Flip Through Resumes

When hiring for an average position, you probably create a job description, post it online, and wait for resumes to come in. Then, you probably sit down and flip through those resumes, looking for standouts so you can start calling in candidates for an interview.

It’s not quite so easy if you want to hire for an executive-level position. Most won’t be looking for your job on just any old job board.

If you want to find the best fit for your company, it’s a good idea to work with another company that focuses on connecting executives with corporate level job listings. Not only are executives who are open to new job opportunities more likely to look at these listings, you may also be able to get help searching for candidates who would be a good fit for your company.

Be Careful Where Referrals Come From

No matter how great the resume or how extensive the work history, resumes and application materials can be misleading. Referrals are often a better way to find a candidate who is not only qualified but also fits the company culture. 

A few ways to get referrals include:

  • Asking coworkers if they know anyone they could refer to the position
  • Working with a talent scout to find candidates
  • Working with other companies in the area to combine talent pools
  • Sourcing existing employees for higher positions

Referrals can help you find a new executive member of your team, but you do have to be careful where those referrals come from. For example, you don’t want to ask employees on the floor for a referral if you’re looking to fill an executive role. You also have to be careful sourcing existing employees when they don’t have relevant experience. Instead, you should work with a professional talent scout, or reach out to other businesses in the area for referrals.

Finding a Good Fit for Your Company Culture

Finding someone who fits your company culture is important, but if they aren’t a perfect fit, both you and them can probably get along relatively well when they are in an entry level position. That absolutely is not the case when it comes to hiring for a higher level position, as they have such a profound effect on everyone working below them, as well as the company itself.

Experience and education are important considerations, but don’t forget to dig into their past and ask them about company culture-type questions to find as close to the perfect fit as you can.

Relocating May Be Necessary

The pool of talent you have to pull from is quite large if you’re looking to fill an entry level position. That’s not the case with higher level positions, which means you might have to look outside your city or state. The possibility of a relocation should enter the conversation from the very beginning.

You have to talk about the impact of relocating on the person you’re considering hiring, but you also have to create some kind of relocation package to make your position more tempting. You’re more likely to convince someone to relocate if they know they will be taken care of throughout the process.


Money is always an important consideration, and every employee wants to be paid more. When it comes to executive level positions, money can get out of hand fast.

Executive level positions pay a lot of money. With a small talent pool, you have to find a way to attract executives to your job and away from what they are already doing, as many executives leave one job for another one. Be prepared to offer a sizeable salary. If you can’t, you should consider offering other perks that will encourage them to work for you.

The hiring process is always a challenge, no matter who you’re hiring, but you have some additional challenges the further up the pay scale you go. Being aware of these challenges and preparing for them before your search even starts is the best way to find the right high level executive for your team. 



Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.