Ralf Zimmermann, AKA Ralfiz: The Liechtenstein-born Swiss Producer Taking the Music Scene by Storm

Ralf Zimmermann, better known by his stage name Ralfiz, is a Swiss producer from Liechtenstein who has been making a name for himself in the music industry with his unique blend of drill, trap, house, R&B, and techno. Ralfiz started his musical journey as a drummer in middle school, but it was not until he was 17 that he discovered his love for producing beats.
In 2017, Ralfiz began uploading his beats to his YouTube channel and by 2018, he started releasing more content to his current YouTube channel. In early 2019, he released his first instrumental album, AP Iced Out, which helped establish him as a rising producer in the Swiss music scene. He followed up with a second album, AP Iced Out 2, at the end of the year.

But it wasn’t until 2020 that Ralfiz truly began to make a name for himself in the Swiss rap scene. He started rapping and began collaborating with other well-known artists. Additionally, he released his first English language single, “The Bag,” which helped to build his international fan base.

In 2021, Ralfiz released his first Swiss-German single, “Honey,” which helped to establish him as a household name in Switzerland. He then released two more singles, “Love Me” and “Free Me,” in mid-2021. Ralfiz’s music is known for its diverse blend of styles, incorporating elements of drill, trap, house, R&B, and techno. His lyrics often deal with classic rap themes such as clothes, money, and drugs.