Questions You Need To Ask A Developer For Your App Development Project

The process of developing apps has turned into a ludicrous business. There are thousands of agencies competing amongst themselves, and each one of them is trying to bring something new to the table. If you are currently starting with your agency, it is pertinent that you understand the professionalism of the developer before you hire dedicated developers for developing an app.

The developer must be competent, should know about outsourcing IT services and what they are doing, and can create the best version of your app. The developer must know your aims and goals before setting out to develop the app. Herein, we have compiled a list of questions you must ask a developer before hiring him/her. 

Question 1: How Skilled Are You? Will You Be Able To Work On My App?

When you hire dedicated developers, you make sure that they must have at least basic developing skills. They should be able to use the recent backend software. They should be able to incorporate the features mentioned in the reviews within your app. They should advise you and be able to input plug-ins that would improve the quality of your app.

Question 2: Can We Take A Look At The Apps That You Have Built?

It is important to create a complete case study of the developers before hiring them. It is important to know if the developer has had some previous experience with handling various kinds of apps for startup app development. Technical experience is important but practical expertise is almost invaluable. Having an idea about the kind of apps the developer can build will give you an idea about the potential of the developer. If the developer is good, he/she will be more than pleased to provide you with a complete catalog of all the apps he/she has built and the kind of response received. This will give an insight into the return for your investment and will ensure you that it is a fruitful hire.

If the portfolio of the developer cannot be shown to you, then it is not something that should be taken lightly and you would be better to be wary of such developers. The web app reviews provide another insight into the works of the developer. If the app developed is at an optimal level on the app store, then it will probably be a good investment to hire the developer.

Question 3: (If You Are Hiring A Developer Agency) What Is Your Bandwidth Like?

The process of app development is volatile. If all the features, such as the key prototype features, require no improvement, you can rest assured that the development process has been a healthy one.  You must ensure that the mobile app development company you are hiring for developing your app has enough manpower that works in a dedicated and proper manner and meets deadlines. Try to get an idea about the current projects the agency is working on and the amount of time they’re taking to complete the required. Also, take note of whether they are finishing the projects in a rushed or a smooth manner with minimum faults. This will help you know if the agency will be a good or a poor investment.

If there are non-disclosure agreements, try to consult the web. This will give you an idea about the projects the agency is currently working on.

Question 4: Can You Fix A Meeting With Some Of Your Previous Clients Who Belonged To A Similar Industry To Our Agency?

It is a good idea to check all the reference sites that can give you an idea about the previous performance of the developer. The mobile app agency where the developer worked before should be reviewed, and certain sites such as may contain details about the agency where the developer had earlier worked. If you discuss with the previous clients of the developer, you will get proper input about the capabilities of the developer from the IT company. This is an important point to keep in mind before hiring a developer. The previous clientele of the developer will probably be able to provide you with a personal experience of working with the developer. These discussions will give you an idea about the success rate of the apps created by the developer and might as well boost your confidence to hire the developer or might convince you to look for a better option.

Try to ask clients who belonged to the same industry as your company. They might help you determine whether the person will be a good fit for your agency. It will also provide you an insight into the behavioral tendencies of the developer and whether it is easy to work with him/her.

Question 5: What’s The Approach You Take Towards The Design Principles Of Your App Development?

The developer or the IT company should use proper and enhanced design and UX that will prove effective for your app. Most users can understand in an instant whether the app is useful, thus using proper UX is critical.

Question 6: What Is Your Modus Operandi Before Developing An App?

It is important for you to know about the way the developer works and how much time the developer takes before developing an app. You must also know how the developer handles pressure and if he/she is built to meet deadlines. Whether any problems were faced in his/her previous projects is another angle you must look into. If you are outsourcing IT services, it is crucial to know whether the developer can adapt to changes as this would help you to determine the reliability and seriousness of the developer. It will also give you an idea about the responsiveness of the developer towards challenges. Realistically, it is more probable to conduct business with developers who can work efficiently and can proceed with the minimum viable product through a good approach.

Question 7: Do You Try To Follow The Proper Standards For Coding?

The web application framework must be used by your developer. If the developer does not want to use it, it could be that the developer is disorganized. Bootstrap is the standard coding practice followed by everyone across the globe. The developer must know how to code using this standard framework.

Question 8: Can You Properly Elucidate Your Work In Development And Technology Services?

Knowing the beta testing of the developers is important before hiring them for developing your apps. There needs to be quality reassurance that should be backing the developers. If you are hiring the development services of a mobile application development company, you must keep in mind the services they offer, such as quality testing, business analysis, and successful launch. It is important to know that the agency is providing these functions otherwise the developers are more likely to be bad hires.

If they provide a document that is inflexible and has a rigid outline for all the scopes of your projects, then they are probably not good for your app development project. If they pressurize you to sign the documents without proper interrogation or if they are akin to wasting time in discussions about how much they will charge, it goes without saying that they are just going to bleed you dry.

Before you invest in a developer, it is important to know the compatibility of the person with your company. This would help you to gauge whether the person will work to improve the app of your mobile app development company. You must also check the qualifications of the developer.

Question 9: Will You Submit My App To The Marketplaces?

If you are going to an agency or a mobile application development company for developing your app, you must be aware of the policies that they follow before releasing the apps. It is because the app releases are a long and cumbersome process and are crucial for the popularity of your app.

Question 10: Will You Be Able To Handle The Post-launch Of My App?

After releasing the app, the developer must know how to constantly update you about their release and must try to fix any bugs that might have hampered the working of the app. This throws a light on the sense of responsibility of the developer.

The Endnote

Investing in a good developer can help your on demand app development  stand-out. We hope that these questions give you an idea of what to ask developers to ascertain their technical and soft skills so that you can hire the right one for your app development project.

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