Privacy Browser App

The internet has become the most used sources out there in the world today. No matter what we need to know or do, the internet always comes in handy. You can always simply just browse any information you want to know, things to buy, fashion, games, banking, you name it. For everyone who would like to maintain their privacy on the internet, what if I tell you that you could have all of your private searching and browsing separate from the very main browser of your device? Of course, it is possible. This way you can guarantee your privacy and also maintain an organised web browser. Our favourite Mozilla has brought to us, the ‘Firefox Focus’ that allows you to keep it away from your main browser easily and conveniently. It allows you to get rid of your entire search history in just one tap and since it does not have any extra tabs, there is no fuss at all. All you got to do is just get in, search, and destroy. This is indeed the all new ‘None of your business’ browser that preserves your privacy at all cost. Take a look at the features and blow your mind. 

Features of Privacy Browser App

It is extremely user-friendly and designed with no distractions for you so all you got to do is get in the browser and quickly search for whatever it is. You do not have to bother about any recent history, open tabs, past sites, trackers, or anything as such. It is purely designed for your benefit of just simply browsing. The menuson the browser makes absolute sense and you do not have to worry about any hassle whatsoever. Simply clicking on the trash button will allow you to get rid of your history, saved cookies, and even all of your passwords so you have nothing to worry about. Once the job is done, you could very easily clean up and leave too. You can also easily create shortcuts by pinning four easy shortcuts on your home screen window. This way, you can access your favourite sites without even having to go through the hassle of typing. Firefox Focus also blocks all ads like a pro so you can very easily and swiftly obtain faster loading of pages, sites, and also get the task done fast. It blocks many trackers and ads so that you can have the peace and privacy you’ve always wanted. As we know, since Mozilla is a non-profit organisation, you have nothing to worry about your data being sold either. All you got to do is enjoy safe and secure browsing with the utmost privacy provided to you by Mozilla thanks to Firefox Focus. Just sit back and keep browsing at ease with no worries about your data being lost or tracked. Simply just mind your own business and keep browsing with Firefox Focus! Does your phone lags when scrolling or navigating web pages? It is due to poor performance of you Android phone. You can use free performance booster application like NOX Cleaner App, AVG Cleaner, Cleaner Master, etc. Android optimizers like Clean Master remove all junks, close unwanted applications, hibernates unwanted process to bring back lost performance.

Download Privacy Browser APK

Best Android web browser app to protect your data, location and identity. You can easily download and install this Privacy Browser app on any Android phone or tablet using AC Market. First download and install AC Market apk. Then go to search and type “privacy browser”. You will see this browser app appear on search results. Select it and install. You can install this browser app on PC too. First download AC Market PC app. You can directly install AC Market PC on Windows 11. For other versions has to use Android emulating software.  

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