PoE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors Enigmatic Devour Support Gem Guides

In the upcoming Path of Exile expansion, known as the Trial of the Ancestors, a new and intriguing support gem has been teased: the Devour Support Gem. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this gem, its mechanics, potential use cases, and its possible impact on the game’s meta.

Introduction to the Devour Support Gem
The Devour Support Gem is unlike many other support gems we’ve seen so far. The gem’s primary function is to enable supported skills to consume corpses upon dealing killing blows, resulting in instant recovery of life and mana. This utility-oriented feature could prove to be a valuable addition for players seeking sustained recovery during battles, especially in scenarios where other forms of recovery may not be as effective.

Mechanics and Gameplay
From the teaser footage available, it’s clear that the Devour Support Gem offers immediate life and mana recovery upon consuming corpses. However, there is a noticeable delay between the killing blow and the actual animation and recovery of life and mana. This delay raises questions about whether the corpse consumption is instantaneous or whether there’s a brief window in which the corpses could potentially be consumed by other means.

Comparisons have been drawn between the Devour Support Gem and similar mechanics found in the Disciple of Kitava Keystone and the Feast of Flesh unique ability. While these abilities also involve corpse consumption for recovery, the key distinction is that the Devour Support Gem requires the supported skill to secure the killing blow in order to trigger the recovery, setting it apart from the other abilities that rely solely on the presence of corpses.

Possible Use Cases and Speculations
The potential use cases for the Devour Support Gem are varied, and the community’s initial impressions are mixed. One potential application is to replace a sixth gem in hit-based builds while mapping. This could offer a smoother experience in terms of both recovery and corpse denial, particularly when damage output is less of a concern. However, this use case might not be compelling enough, especially given that most characters at this stage likely have resolved their damage and recovery needs.

Another intriguing application lies in Mana-stacking builds, where the instant recovery of both life and mana could aid in managing significant mana costs associated with mechanics like Archmage or Indigon.

For Necromancer characters, the Devour Support Gem could synergize exceptionally well with the Corpse Pact notable, granting increased attack and cast speed for recently consumed corpses. This potential synergy could transform the gem into a potent damage amplifier in mapping scenarios.

Furthermore, the gem might find a home in specific setups, such as a Reckoning link on a Gladiator build. In this case, the gem’s instant recovery could ensure consistent healing during mapping, unaffected by map modifiers that typically impact recovery rates.

Final Thoughts and Speculations

As the Path of Exile community eagerly awaits the 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors patch notes, the Devour Support Gem remains an enigma. While some players are unsure of its viability, others hope for additional information that could potentially make the gem more enticing.

One prevalent sentiment is the desire for a damage modifier on the gem. Even a modest increase, such as 10 or 20 percent, could elevate the gem’s appeal, granting players a more attractive option to address mana cost challenges and other complexities.

In the end, the Devour Support Gem’s true potential will only become clear once players can experiment with it firsthand. As the release date draws near, the Path of Exile community eagerly anticipates the patch notes and the opportunity to explore the possibilities presented by this unique and intriguing support gem.


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