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Modern Gadgets That Are A Must In Every Abode!

Having a modern home is a modern man’s dream! However, it’s not often people notice that gadgets make a house modern. So, to help you, we’ve listed a few modern gadgets that are bound to add to your property. 

Continue reading as we take a closer look at these gadgets, as professional Electricians in North Shore suggested.

Modern Gadgets You Should Know Of!

WiFi Everywhere

There’s a good likelihood that your home doesn’t have uniform WiFi coverage. Some router installation guidelines, such as placing the router as high and centrally as feasible, can’t always be followed. Walls and other objects frequently interfere with wireless signals.

Extenders may easily double the current coverage, and numerous units can be used. Setup is simple if your router has a WPS button.

Some famous WiFi extender models can help you enhance your abode’s WiFi presence. These devices are as straightforward as they come, featuring a series of notification LEDs for signal strength. 

Baby Talk Monitor

Next, we have the baby talk monitor, another leading gadget in your abode. With the included 4.3-inch screen and free app on your phone, you can monitor your baby in another room or keep an eye on your house and kids while away with this WiFi camera and monitor system.

You can control the camera’s movement, crystal-clear two-way audio, play lullabies, and sound and temperature alarms. What’s more? You can add up to four cameras to monitor the entire house.


To turn your TV into a smart Android device and have access to a wide variety of movies and TV shows, all you need is a little dongle. This is the least expensive video streaming device with an included “air mouse” control.

Since the platform is open, you can add programs, stream content from mobile devices to the TV, or use USB drives to play multimedia files. The 8GB storage, 1GB RAM, and quad-core CPU keep running smoothly with all media types.

Chrome OS From TV

The smallest device running Chrome OS, Google’s lightweight operating system, is the Chromebit. If you use HDMI to connect it to a TV or monitor, it will change into a Chrome device.

Chrome OS performs effectively for all daily chores and comes pre-loaded with several Google services (YouTube, Chrome, Docs). Other applications may be downloaded through the Chrome store. It includes a 16GB internal storage capacity and a full-size USB connector on the rear for connecting flash drives, keyboards, and mice.

Smart Plug

With a smart plug, you can transform any gadget plugged into the wall into a connected device you can manage from your phone, including light, space heater, humidifier, and even a Christmas tree. 

This gadget comprises a simple WiFi Wi-Fi Plug Slim that is further connected with Energy Monitoring equipment that works with voice commands, supports many third-party platforms, and monitors the power consumption of any plugged-in appliances. 


Smart gadgets are what make a smart home! However, it’s easier said than done. Installing smart home equipment requires great expertise. Therefore, it’s always better to trust professionals from Lightning Bult to help you with the perfect setup.