PLMG and Rino Management Establishes the Standard in Music Administration

Phastlife Media Group (PLMG) is a California-based record label and media group that celebrates Hip Hop and Plus-Size culture. Founded by former Grammy contender and recording artist MC Jonny T, Phastlife Media (PLMG) conducts business as a cutting-edge company that specializes in the production of digital content, digital content management, asset distribution, and market research, marketing strategies, & asset licensing.

Rino Management is based in NY and specializes in the areas of talent identification, placement, and commercial distribution in the music and audio entertainment space. Spearheaded by Raymond “Radabus” Torres, Rino creates opportunities that expose recording artists and partner label acts. This is done in conjunction with the distribution arrangements we have with the Orchard, Universal Music Group, and others. As a company and partnership, we have attained radio distribution that allows us to distribute our releases to over 30,000 radio stations worldwide, music video distribution, and streaming and social media marketing. Fatimah Mirbaha heads up project management for each of our clients and contributes to social media strategies for our company’s growth, awareness of our eCommerce brands including Team Thickies, and growth of our client roster.  

Through extensively developed strategic partnerships and a global reach, Rino Management and PLMG have the ability to raise awareness about its artists’ releases with enlisted marketing teams, relationships with blogs, and PR personnel.

Current clients include rap legend Positive K, plus-size media star Jamie Lopez, and EPMD’s Parish Smith’s label, Hit Squad Music Group. PLMG’s roster of emerging talent includes RJ da Realest, Villa G, Madd Scientist, Barbie La Vie, JTLR, Eli.So.Drippy, and Lyric Richardson.

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