Pest Birds: 7 Birds To Watch 

Pests refer to any living or non-living that may pose harm to humans or their environment. Notably, the term, in many cases, refers to creatures that destroy crops or livestock. Although humans have come up with modified ways to make their environment suitable for purposes such as farming, they still experience the danger of different kinds of pests.  

There are different pests and birds which cause harm to the environment yearly. They contaminate food, water, or anything they touch that humans or animals may consume. Besides, they produce airborne spores, easily inhaled by living organisms around the area. These spores can cause illnesses such as diarrhea. Notably, they also carry various disease-causing parasites such as bugs, ticks, fleas, and other biting insects.  

Even though pests may cause great inconvenience, you can develop strategies to try and eliminate them. However, you must first identify which pest birds you are dealing with before finding a suitable remedy for the problem. The following part lists seven common pest birds to watch out for. 

1. Pigeons 

Although many people do not know this, pigeons fall under the category of rodents. These birds are large and may cause a lot of damage to the environment. They mostly carry filth from one area to another, which may include toxic materials.  

Pigeons prefer feeding on grain, but they can also consume human food, and they like gathering in areas where people can feed them, such as parks or outdoor restaurants. Notably, they may contaminate someone else’s food by dipping their beaks or talons into them. Besides that, they can transmit diseases like salmonella or toxoplasmosis.  

Moreover, they can cause structural damage wherever they land, especially on roof gutters. Their droppings can also cause humans to slip and fall. If you are having trouble getting rid of these birds, consider opting for pest birds and bugs elimination services. Such services have a team of pest control experts offering bespoke solutions and advice. 

2. House Sparrow 

The house sparrow mainly feeds on grains; however, they may feed on vegetables and flowers, which may be in your garden. They replace desirable songbirds due to the noise they produce that scares them away. 

In rural areas, house sparrows are problematic since they feed and contaminate your livestock feed with the Nile virus, making you incur extra expenses to purchase new ones. Besides that, they build their nests in buildings which may result in secondary pest infestations. They may also cause fire hazards by using their beaks to cut electrical wires. 

The sparrow can breed at a fast rate, especially during the period leading to mid-summer. Therefore, homeowners should look for animal control soon to try and eliminate these birds in their area before they breed and cause more damage.  

3. European Starlings 

You can find European starlings in clogged gutters or trees. In most cases, they travel in flocks, making eliminating them challenging. The bird’s dropping can erode structures like gutters resulting in extra expenses in repairing them. Their droppings may also contaminate soil, making it unsuitable for various agricultural practices.  

Moreover, the birds may transmit diseases like histoplasmosis and may also cause airplane crashes since they fly in flocks. 

4. Gull 

Gulls are seabirds that are usually grey or white and have black markings. They produce a harsh wailing or squawking sound. They scavenge for food but can feed on other things such as grains or vegetables.  

The birds create their nests in vegetation and live in colonies which may cause noise pollution to the environment. Moreover, the birds thrive in human and sea environments. Notably, they can dispose of toxic materials to the sea from the land and cause water pollution.  

5. Vultures 

Vultures are scavenger birds that mainly feed on dead animals. They reside in dirty areas such as garbage pits.  

Notably, they may cause various diseases to humans in the area as they transport dead things that may contaminate food. It is tough to control vultures since they mostly disappear at the sight of human beings, but you can try to reach out to the animal control in your area to try and help you solve the problem.  

6. Grackles 

Grackle refers to a species of large birds commonly found in North America. The male birds usually have an indecent appearance on their heads.  

Notably, the birds are omnivores and feed on things such as seeds and grains in your garden. In addition, they carry insects around and may drop them in your home. They also have a harsh sound that may cause irritation, especially in living areas. Considering the birds are difficult to control, you may have to use pesticides or animal control to eliminate them. 

7. Crows and Ravens 

Ravens and crows usually have a similar appearance making it difficult for most people to differentiate them. They like residing in bushy areas; however, they regularly visit homeowners since they feed on animals and grains. Notably, crows also feed on other birds that humans may have domesticated as a pet.  

Both birds carry insects and may drop them in your compound. They also contaminate the grains they come into contact with and may result in a bad harvest. In areas they live in, they tend to hide, making it difficult for individuals to get rid of them; hence one may require animal control services. 


Pest birds may cause a lot of expenses if you do not look for a remedy earlier. It will help if you conduct research on other pest birds in your area and ways you can use them to eliminate them. However, you should ensure using environmentally friendly methods to avoid inflicting more damage.