Four Ways to Put Your Picture in a Heart Locket

There are a sea of articles online teaching you to personalize your own photo locket. But do you know why there are so many people still choosing to buy it from jewelry shops? Let’s unveil the secret of producing picture lockets in a jewelry brand trader, YFN.

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Printing Photos

The first step is to print customers’ photos. They need to adjust the size of their photos in proportion so that they can fit inside different shapes lockets. The paper they used is not ordinary. It is a kind of special stick-on photo paper covered with a thin film on its frontal side and glue on its back side. The thin film protects the photo from scratching or fading while the glue on its back side makes it convenient to stick on.

You can also do it at home as long as you have a printer. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have that special photo paper. The ordinary paper works also. Therefore, in this step, what you need to prepare are a printer and papers.

Cutting Pictures

They get the pictures printed with their customers’ headshots. Then they need to cut them into specific shapes such as heart, teardrop, butterfly, round, rectangle, or anything else. Nothing is required in this step but patience.

So you can do it by yourself at home also as long as you have scissors.

Put the Picture to the Custom Heart Locket Necklace 

The last step is to paste the photo to the heart locket necklace. Though they have adopted special photo paper, it is still necessary to add epoxy glue to the back of pictures to make it more secure.

In this step, you should provide epoxy glue. The ordinary glue also works but it may make it largely ineffective.

Put the Locket into an Oven

Then they will put the custom heart locket necklace with the picture in an oven. Before sending the locket to an oven, they should preheat it to 50 degrees Celsius. The heating time will last over 6 hours. It aims to make the picture melt on the surface of the metal locket. Finally, they will put it in a ventilated place to make it dry naturally. And this process will last 18 hours.

In this step, what you should offer is an oven.

In Conclusion


A printer

Several special photo papers or ordinary papers

A scissors

An oven

Epoxy glue or ordinary glue

If you own all this stuff you can personalize your own heart locket necklace with a picture by yourself at home. It would be fun to do it by yourself but it always comes with failure risks such as unevenness. So if you don’t want to bother yourself, seek YFN for help. They provide photo locket custom service.

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