Perfect Screen Setup to Improve Work Efficiency

In this competitive world, more employees are using multiple screens to get work done. As the prices of extra displays decrease and their quality improves, users are pairing them with their desktops or laptops to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Let’s consider some examples of job roles where multi-display setups are common. These can range from data entry, side-by-side product comparisons, and intensive research to viewing reports across dual monitors in their entirety. Not to mention how users such as those in the customer service sector leave chat boxes open while they work. This means they cannot afford tech failure at any touchpoint. 

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The Challenge

There is a need to ensure consistent productivity at any cost, even if it means one addresses challenging use cases and applications become more complex. What can you achieve with a second screen that you cannot with only one? Although you can perform certain tasks with a single display, two or more screens enable you to complete the same work in a fraction of the time. Let’s look at how this is possible with a Perfect Screen Setup.

Case In Point

You work as a data entry expert and are compiling your annual report. The first thing you do is open your report template and identify the data you need to accumulate. Then, you open all the necessary documents your teams have forwarded to you. Once done, you go to the first document and scan it for the information you require. You revisit your report template and enter the relevant information after which you refer to the first document and verify if you have entered the correct details. Afterward, you move on to the next document. 

Let’s say you have only five documents to add to your report. Even then, you are switching between documents multiple times and this is if you only have to extract one number from each document. With an additional screen, you can pull up the report template on one display and the source files on the second screen. So, the purpose is to reduce the number of times you navigate between documents, enhance efficiency, and save time. Switching between documents is a matter of a click, so you can calculate how many clicks it takes for this task alone. Factor in the approximate delay time for the next document to open, and you are probably thinking ‘there must be a better way to do this’.

Enter SmartWindows for the perfect multiple screens Windows 10 setup.

SmartWindows For Windows 10

Let’s continue with the scenario above. It takes approximately 1.5-2 seconds to move your mouse and click to navigate between documents. After double-clicking, the average delay time for the next document to open is around 0.5 seconds. If you require 6-7 figures from each source file for your report, a second display can save you precious seconds every time you prepare reports.

This is where the unique SmartWindows application can complement such a time-saving and productive setup. It is designed to make your Windows 10 experience smarter, whether you work from home or at the office. If you are a power user, you probably manage multiple projects and use advanced applications that require the use of multiple screens. As a result, you need the best Windows multiple monitor software that is SmartWindows. 

Support For Six Displays

Now, answering customer queries or emails, conducting research, using Microsoft Office 365, and managing multiple tasks at the same time is no longer a hassle. You can operate up to six displays with open browsers and applications without worrying about browser crash or tabs backup and restore complications. This guarantees high productivity as you can accomplish maximum tasks and meet strict deadlines without experiencing tech-related disruptions. Next, SmartWindows even remembers app positioning on multiple screens and restores browser tabs with a single click. This boosts flexibility by easing task transitions, allowing you to adapt quickly and smartly allocate time to specific projects.  More displays build perfect screen setup.

Restore Screen Session

Let’s say that you are in the middle of completing your report compilation task when your browser suddenly crashes or you experience an unscheduled restart. There is a deadline around the corner and your team members are depending on you to deliver your work before they can make further progress. This is not a situation you want to be in. Why? It means you must restore your closed tabs one by one or revisit your complete browser history to do so while you could be engaged in more productive assignments. 

In any case, you have to restore screen session to get back on track fast, and SmartWindows offers this feature. You can create as many profiles you want and reopen apps that were active on your screens before your computer crashed. It picks up from your last active session and directs you to every app that appears on your display. All these features make SmartWindows THE Windows 10 application for the busy multi-tasker who must maintain 100% focus, make timely decisions, and remain calm under work pressure.


The benefits of SmartWindows are practically endless as this intuitive app gives you options to explore multiple features that streamline the way you work. Apart from enabling you to achieve the perfect screen setup that enhances work efficiency, you can work with multiple profiles as well as save browser URLs and apps. Not to mention the app restoration functionality that allows you to restore all your apps to the same position and size as you saved them.

Feel free to download the SmartWindows app and make the most of the trial version. Even better, opt for the paid bundle to unlock top-tier features that maximize efficiency and productivity in this digital world!

You can also use SmartWindows to remember window position on multiple monitors.

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