A Brief Blazer Aluminum 9mm Ammo Cartridge Review

One of the biggest names in ammunition manufacturing is Cascade Cartridge Inc (CCI), a stablemate of the Federal Cartridge Company under the Vista Outdoor Company umbrella. They design and manufacture Blazer 9mm Ammo (which is fantastic for range work) and their 22 caliber Rimfire ammo.

First launched in 1981 CCI’s Blazer line of ammunition, the brand name alludes to the fact that you get lots of value and are able to ‘blaze away’ without worrying too much about cost. They’re aluminum cartridges, so they’re not new in concept, as there have been many of this kind developed for use by the US military (The 30mm Thunderbolt Tank Buster and Warthog being just two examples). 

One of their primary benefits is lack of weight, meaning many more rounds can be carried when compared to their brass counterparts. Despite being a lighter metal, the aluminium used in Blazer 9mm ammo is still sturdy enough to cope with high levels of pressure and remain feeding well. Using Berdan primers, these cartridges are reliable in most types of condition, but can be tricky to load.

Blazer 9mm Ammo – Not Recommended For Reloading

This particular Blazer cartridge features a bump in the case head against which the Berdan primer ignites. You will also see two flash holes which when run through a reloading die can end up breaking the decapping pin. They may be more cost-effective than brass cartridges because they’re cheaper to manufacture, however, the experts over at CCI knew that over ¾ of shooters aren’t reloading in this way.

As a result, Blazer 9mm ammo was designed at a lower cost and marketed to gun owners who didn’t have a need to reload in that way. If that suits your purpose, you have no need for fast reloading and you just want to get some training in, they represent great value. 

Also Known As ‘Aircraft Aluminium’ 

It’s important to mention at this point that the type of aluminium used in Blazer cartridges isn’t the same as you’d get in low-cost lawn furniture, rather it’s high-grade metal that’s also known as ‘Aircraft Aluminium’. Blazer ammo is affordable, sure, but it’s absolutely not cheaply made.

In most cases, the cartridges made by Blazer feature full metal jackets, with the powder inside designed to offer a powerful and reliable burn. The attention to detail used in their creation means they provide fantastic feed reliability.

A Good Buy? Sure, But Remember The Loading Aspect

Is Blazer 9mm ammo a good purchase to make? Absolutely, as they’re created to produce excellent results and they’re priced very nicely indeed. Used in self-loading pistols, carbines and revolvers, they certainly deliver, whether choosing the 115, 124 or 147 grain. 

As long as you take the reloading issue into consideration, what you’re getting when investing in Blazer ammunition is a cartridge that’s high quality, well-designed, lightweight and absolutely great for getting those training hours down at the range. 

If you’re wanting a cartridge that offers excellent reloading, CCI has recently released a new line of brass cartridges that perform much better in that regard. They’re more expensive, due to what they’re made of, but if they’re a better fit for your needs, it’s an extra cost worth meeting.

So, there you have it. Blazer ammo is popular for a reason, so if you know what to look for, you can certainly enjoy value for your ammo dollars.