Osight 3 MOA with Magnetic Charging Cover review

Osight revolutionizes the industry with its stunning magnetic charger cover, providing a battery display that transparently shows the right battery levels for both the optic and the cover. This creative cover provides a big runtime of 70,000+ hours on the lowest mode, 17+ days on the brightest mode, can be extended to seventy days with the magnetic charging cover.

3 MOA big window

This optic specs a big 0.94 x 0.85-inch lens, providing a perfect view for right targeting despite recoil. The 3MOA dot is prominently showed, permitting for right and rapid dot acquisition.

Motion and light sensor

The optic is equipped with a light sensor and motion that mechanically turns off after ten minutes of inactivity, immediately waking up when required. Additionally, it specs an auto-sensing mode that adjusts brightness levels based on the atmosphere, with ten daylight levels and two night levels accessible in lockout and manual modes, make sure best performance in all conditions.

Unwavering zero

Osight optic has undergone a hard 10,000-round field test, make sure that it maintains unwavering zero calibration throughout, promising consistent accuracy and eliminating the danger of losing zero. This remarkable performance is a testament to the optic robust design and right engineering. With Osight, you can rely on right shots every time, without hesitating about zero drift. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned shooter, this optic unwavering zero calibration gives the self-esteem you need to take your marksmanship to the next level.

Most common footprint

Osight optic is designed with versatility in mind, specs the most general industry-standard mounting footprint (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex, 407c/507c footprint for optic cuts. This permits for perfect integration and ease of use, making it compatible with a big range of applications and platforms.

Advantages of Osight 3 MOA with magnetic charging cover

Here are some of the key advantages of Osight 3 MOA with magnetic charging cover

No more battery issues

Osight introduces a stunning charging cover, featuring industry-firsts percentage battery display. Crafted using laser-micro perforations, this creative design gathers a wonderful aesthetic with intuitive functionality, get rid of the battery-related problems and make sure perfect performance.

Always ready to use

Osight optic boasts a remarkable runtime, lasting up to 70,000+ hours on low mode; make sure it remains forever ready for use. Additionally, the brightness settings can be used continuously for seventy days, even when paired with charging cover, providing best reliability and ease.

Error free

Osight optic speces intuitive windage and elevation turrets, designed for adjustment and effortless access. This permits for precise and quick zeroing, make sure that you can immediately adapt to replacing conditions and maintain accuracy on the fly.

Stay on right target

Osight optic provides a generous 0.94 x 0.85-inch window, providing a unobstructed and clear view for right and swift target acquisition. This big window permits quick and right follow-up shots, making it perfect choice for various applications, including hunting, self-defense, and competitive shooting.


Osight optic specs latest motion sensor technology, permitting it to quickly wake up when motion is noticed. This spec makes sure that you are forever ready to engage your focus immediately. Additionally, the optic mechanically turns off after ten minutes of inactivity, considering battery life and reducing wear and tear. With auto wake, you can trust on your optic to be ready when you need it, without wasting power or compromising performance.

Stunning performance

Osight optic has undergone rigorous field testing, with the demands of 10,000 rounds fired without compromising its zero. This amazing reliability is a testament of the optic strong design and right engineering, make sure it remains right and dependable even in the most demanding atmosphere.


How many times can the charging cover charge the Osight?

The Osight charging cover provides remarkable charging features. When completely charged, it can recharge a low battery optic 3 times, providing extended use and reducing downtime. This spec make sure that you can continue to reply on your topic, even when power is low, and decreases the need for continue battery replacements. With the Osight charging cover, you can enjoy uninterrupted performance self-esteem in your equipment.

What is the battery of Osight?

The Osight optic is equipped with a built-in 170mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, providing best power for extended use. The charging cover, on the other hand, specs a more substantial 800mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, designed to efficiently and quickly recharge the optic battery. this mixture make sure that you can enjoy uninterrupted performance and high battery life, making the Osight a perfect option for demanding applications.

Can the Osight optic be used with night vision devices?

Yes, the Osight optic specs night vision compatibility, with 2 dedicated night vision brightness levels for best performance in low-light situations.

Is the Osight optic compatible with many firearms?

The Osight optic specs a universal mounting footprint, making it compatible with big range of platforms and firearms.

End words

The Osight optic is a latest, high-performance device designed to meet the demands of new shooters. With its latest features, robust design, and best performance, it is perfect choice for many applications, including hunting, training, self-defense and competitive shooting. The Osight optic boasts a big 0.94 x 0.85-inch window, providing an unobserved and clear view for right and swift target acquisition.

Its 3MOA is prominently showed, permitting for quick and right follow-up shots. The optic motion sensor technology makes sure quick wake-up and mechanical shutdown after ten minutes of inactivity, conserving battery life and decreasing wears and tears. The Osight optic is built to last, with a strong design that withstands the demands of 10,000 rounds field in field testing.

Its built-in 170mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives reliable power and the charging cover provides extended battery life and its 800mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.  The optic charging cover can recharge the optic battery 3 times, make sure uninterrupted performance.