Opening a Café in Dubai? Tips to Attract Customers Through the Interior Design

Do you want your customers to walk into your café and feel as if they are walking into a relaxing and chilly sanctuary? Well, to ensure this sentiment, you need to offer them you’re a game in a form of café design.  Mostly, Cafe Interior Design experts will recommend you to go with the common concepts, but you still need to choose your voice. So, along with the idea, be careful about the designer you select.

Let’s understand one thing over here and that is about the difference between designing the café and a restaurant. They are not the same. Millennials are the generation that loves details, aesthetics, and their taste is a little different from the restaurants. So, before you design the café, have a look at the tips and other things you need to consider for it. 

Mood and Phycology of Customer  

A guest visiting a café varies in psychology and mood from a restaurant tourist. You must use this psychology to represent it in the interior design of your cafe. Our detailed Coffee Shop Interior Design Guide can help you design your café

  • Add a Welcoming Feel 

If a customer enters your cafe and begins to notice or make offensive comments, then you may forget to keep him/her. The layout of the café places a significant role in the first feelings of your customers. One of the greatest errors coffee shop owners does not consider a customer-friendly layout. Walk-in their shoes to understand and ask:  

You normally know where to order when you go to a new coffee shop, right? Or where can you wait if you take it? To prevent consumer misunderstanding, your system should be clearly illustrated. 

When clients join a cafe they expect simplicity and easiness, and this is why they stand out if you mess with these small details.

  • Spaced or Occupancy 

The number of customers you want to host is one of the first things you need to remember when planning your cafe or bar. 

Many legislative considerations can decide your maximum occupancy, primarily fire protection and hygienic facilities. Make sure that you see them at the outset of your project and tell experts when you need them. 

The probable occupancy is also determined by your concept form. Fine dining cafes, for example, serve fewer people than others.

  • Layout design 

Only those whose stores are already in operation face the greatest challenge. You must decide whether the baristas move successfully and whether services are delivered appropriately. The best design is esthetically pleasing and guarantees the seamless delivery of service at the busiest periods. All this is done, but your customers should feel happy and accepted. A bad layout will stress both your customers and your bartenders. A wide view of the menu and the coffee pastry should be included in the ideal layout for the coffee shop. We suggest that you place a wide menu at the top so that customers can decide before they go to the cashier.

  • Plan & research is important 

The biggest obstacle is only those whose stores are already in operation. You have to determine whether the barista moves effectively and the services are properly delivered. The best design is esthetic and ensures smooth service delivery during the most challenging times. This is all over, but your clients should be pleased and acknowledged. You and your bartenders would be stressed by a bad layout. The ideal layout for the coffee shop should include a broad view of the menu and the coffee pastry. We recommend putting a comprehensive menu at the top so clients can determine before going to the cashier.

Never use these traditional arrangements to let customers know the difference between your store and the others. You will also be motivated by studies. Never copy thoughts, though.

  • Lighting 

The atmosphere of a restaurant or café plays an important role in lighting. This involves natural light, which can be filtered in through large glass windows and lamps offering soft and warm light, making your café more comfortable.

  • Design for the Café’s Seating Areas

You can either take several big or small seats, depending on the size of your coffee shop. If there is enough room available to house a big coffee shop, don’t hesitate to get as many seats as possible. 

Consider sustainability and economic performance of it. Grab some of the seats that guarantee the long term. Your finances would be messed up by fragile furniture that needs daily repair. 

Don’t miss the tables here. The tables should be normal in height, not too far or near the seats. Without pressure, your clients should be able to enjoy their drinks and snacks easily.

  • Acoustics choice 

Sound’ has a way for us to experience different emotions. Our brain responds differently to different kinds of sounds. Acoustics are therefore an integral part of the interior design of the restaurant cafe. A café is an environment where people either socialize or work in private, and so excessively loud music in a café is a turn-off, unlike bars. 

 Therefore you have to control the volume and choose a playlist that provides background music to eliminate silence while allowing a free conversation flow.

  • Scent – an important element of ambiance 

Finally, come to your atmosphere’s final feature – Smell. Even as your coffee smells, different impulses are generated and numerous goals are accomplished. Some restaurants can smell food in their restaurants since it induces hunger. The bulk of cafes don’t smell like coffee because there is a lot of coffee. You do this because you want people outside and inside to seek coffee by remembering the taste and buying more. The cucumber scent makes the room look bigger and airier and a convenient aroma during peak hours. On the other hand, Vanilla is relaxed and makes people stay, but don’t go overboard because it can cause allergies or headaches.

Discuss with the Cafe Interior Design Experts

Dubai is a hot space for amazing cafes and restaurants, therefore, having an expert on your side can help you in achieving your goal. So, find the best Interior Fit Out companies in Dubai to ensure you are headed in the right direction.