One Income Hack that Many Dentists Do Not Know

Many dentists do not realize that there is an easy yet lucrative way to earn more income. What’s more, this secret is already a part of their everyday work and does not require a substantial investment in time. Sound too good to be true? This might seem so easy that it sounds like a hack, but it is a common practice for many dentists to sell their dental scrap.

What is Dental Scrap?

The term dental scrap refers to the leftover bits of material that remain after dental work has been completed on a patient. Usually, when previous dental work needs to be removed or replaced, small bits of the old materials are leftover. Given that these bits can contain valuable materials, they can be kept and brought to a dental scrap processing company for extraction, refining and resale.

Why is Dental Scrap Valuable?

The best part about selling dental scrap is that it is just a simple yet tangible way for dentists to make more money for their practice. The reason it is so valuable is due to the precious metals that are used in dentistry, such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum. While these materials are relatively valuable at all times, gold and palladium are particularly valuable right now due to global events affecting market prices.

For example, Russia is currently one of the largest palladium producers in the world. With recent sanctions against Russia in place, less is palladium entering the global market, which causes a higher value.

How Do I Sell Dental Scrap?

You may think it is difficult or costly to take dental scrap to be refined, but it isn’t. That’s because companies exist that specialize in extracting the valuable materials from your dental scrap and refining it to yield a pure product suitable for resale. As long as your patients do not care to keep their dental scrap, you can collect it until you acquire an amount that is large enough to take to be refined and sold.

How Do I Find a Reliable Dental Scrap Refining Company?

If you are interested in a fair amount of dental gold scrap value for your scrap, the best way to be sure is to find a company that can provide a metals report for your dental scrap. When you receive a metals report, you’ll know the exact amount of valuable material your dental scrap contained.

While some companies rely on guesswork to assess the value of dental scrap, there is no way to know how valuable dental scrap is until the precious metals are accounted for. Ensure that you get a fair value for your dental scrap by working with a company that can provide you with a metals report.

If you’re running a dental practice, you can’t afford to overlook this easy way to earn more income. Find a company that can refine dental scrap while also providing a metals report to get started on earning extra money for your dental practice.