Common Situations When You Should Speak to an Employment Lawyer

Many working Ontarians are aware that there are laws in place to protect them in the workplace. However, many aren’t sure of what they are and what they mean for them in everyday situations at work.

It’s understandable that people may not seek legal advice because they don’t feel they can afford a lawyer. But many top rated employment lawyers offer free consultations. And if you need to hire one many also offer contingency fee pricing as they understand the position many of their clients are in.

So, if you find yourself in any of these situations, reach out to an employment lawyer to keep your rights protected.

When There is Tension in the Workplace

You might hesitate at the thought of seeing a lawyer about workplace politics, but employment lawyers are often called in to mediate workplace disputes. Even if the tension you feel hasn’t escalated, an employment lawyer’s insights can provide you with simple solutions to defuse the situation. 

If the tension is with your employer however, speak to an employment lawyer right away. They’ve seen their fair share of fake “for-cause” terminations and constructive dismissals. An employment lawyer can help you with communication strategies and warning signs to look for to keep you protected in the workplace.

If You’ve Been Terminated from Your Employment

Many workers in Ontario believe the laws around what an employee is entitled to when they’re terminated from employment is a universal calculation, however, that’s far from the case. Too many employers and employees are unaware that when an employee is terminated, they are often entitled to much more than they’re offered as ‘severance’ pay.

If you are terminated from your employment for any reason, speak to an employment lawyer right away. They will first ensure that your termination was legal, then, based on your conversation, they’ll let you know if you are entitled to further compensation.

When Joining a New Workplace or Leaving an Old One

Employees routinely sign an employment contract when they start a new job without having a lawyer review it first. You may have been given a job description during the interview process, but the employment contract may contain aspects of the job that weren’t explained to you, clauses you may not be comfortable with or conditions that affect your compensation.

Having an employment lawyer review and discuss the contract with you, protects you from any nasty surprises down the road.

Conversely, if you’re parting ways with your current employer and negotiating your severance package, you need an employment lawyer to tell you how much compensation you’re actually entitled to and to represent you in the negotiations if needed.

Harassment in the Workplace

In situations that involve harassment, abuse and discrimination, an employment lawyer can help you find support, navigate your workplace’s harassment policy and even seek compensation for you at the Ontario Human Rights Commission if it’s called for.