Olga Nikoza-Designing Your Own Destiny

Fashion designing is the art and craft that applies aesthetics, design and natural beauty to accessories, footwear and clothing. The social and cultural latitudes also influence the way our clothes are designed. In the fashion world, every new style, trend or product begins with an idea of a fashion designer. The fashion designer first conceptualizes and determines the purpose of their product, whether it is a garment or accessory. The job of fashion designer is a lot more than just conceptualizing and creation of a product, as there are also many business, technical and creative skills involved in the making of a fashion product.

To become a successful fashion designer, a person should have a creative and artistic personality. A fashion designer should have a visual imagination and the ability to express their ideas through sketches and drawing. They should possess the skill of combining and using different colors, shades and tones. They should also have the knowledge of the current market trends and the ability to choose the right materials and patterns for their product. One of the very prominent names in the world of fashion design is Olga Nikoza, born in St, Petersburg, Russia. She is a Miami-based fashion designer and is known for designing and creating resort wear such as dresses, coverups, swimwear, jewelry and other fashion accessories. She studied fashion designing from the Miami International University of Art and Design, Parsons School of Design and Fashion Institute of South Florida. Nikoza, in order to utilize her fashion expertise and knowledge in the fashion world, laid the foundation of her fashion brand “Nikoza”. The brand logo of her company is a butterfly, which has a deep meaning and significance. She chose butterfly as the logo of her company because it is a symbol and personification of femininity, elegance and freedom. She drives inspiration for her designs by observing nature, which is also her main source of creativity. She uses dramatic and vivid colors and shades in her designs and picks up concepts and ideas by observing ever-blooming flowers of the tropics and the colors of the oceans, and by admiring the sunsets.

 She believes that observation is the key to her creativity. She observes diverse people of Miami and their cultures, which later reflects in her designs. Not long ago, Nikoza designed and exhibited her Phalaenopsis collection at the Jungle Island and at the SLS Hotel organized by DCSW. For her Phalaenopsis collection, the source of her creativity was butterflies, vivid colors and orchids of south Florida. When she was designing her accessories and clothes for her Phalaenopsis collection, she drew inspiration from orchids and therefore also named her collection after a famous orchid called Phalaenopsis. Her designs featured many orchids, both as a print on the fabric and also as an accessory on her bathing suits. She uses a very complex and intricate type of 3D embroidery for her bathing suits which are similar to orchids in appearance. Nikoza because of her contributions in the fashion industry was also featured on the front page of the Éclair magazine.

Fashion expresses our sense of style and beauty through our clothing. True fashion designers are defined by their innovativeness. The growth and success of the fashion industry would not be possible without skillful and talented fashion designers like Olga Nikoza.

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