Noise suppression options for telegram

Telegram(Telegram汉化版) is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and it’s also one of the best. But just like any other app, Telegram needs to continue improving so that it can keep up with users’ expectations. That’s why they’ve recently added a new feature called Noise suppression options for telegram.

Noise suppression options for telegram

The new noise suppression feature in Telegram allows you to cut the background noise out of your calls. This makes them clearer and easier to understand. In addition, background noise suppression is available for all calls in Telegram today (including group calls), whether or not you have a voice channel active with the other parties involved. To use this feature, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Noise Suppression and turn it on.

If you have an Android device with a built-in DSP chip (like Google Pixel 3a or Samsung Galaxy S10), we can activate your device’s microphone directly from our servers instead of passing the audio through an app on your phone; this approach results in better quality and lower battery consumption than using audio processing apps like WhatsApp Voice Changer (which tend not only fail at cutting down on echo but also cause noticeable latency when talking).

The noise suppression options for the telegram in the settings menu

The noise suppression options for the telegram are in the settings menu.

-Call section: The call section is where you can find all your call-related settings.

-Suppression of background noise option: This setting allows you to enable/disable background noise suppression during calls, as well as choose your preferred level of suppression from low, medium, or high.

-Call button: This option will take you to a page with additional information about how to make calls on telegram and how it works. You can also access this page by clicking on “Call” in the main menu bar and choosing “Get Started” (if you haven’t already done so).

-Call option: This option will take you directly into calling another user by entering their name or number in the search field at the top right corner of this screen (or bottom left if using iOS). Clicking on this button will open up a window that has buttons to dial numbers both through your contacts list or manually entered into that window by clicking “New” above them (for example if calling a business rather than a person), entering digits manually by typing them yourself instead of scrolling through contacts or starting from scratch with new numbers without inputting any information beforehand; turn off video chat functionality entirely or only for specific people who would prefer not having it enabled at certain times due to poor internet connection speeds causing lag when using video chat features together with audio only functionality instead; adjust microphone sensitivity levels based on individual preferences such as being able to hear clearer audio quality without needing too much power behind its volume output levels needed for optimal listening experience levels required

Noise suppression options for telegram

The Telegram app(电报APP) offers several ways to control the background noise in your calls.

These include:

-[Noise suppression](

-[Background noise suppression](

Settings menu

In the settings menu, select call, and check the box under the suppression of background noise.

In settings, you will be able to adjust your microphone volume and also enable or disable sound processing on the apps that support it.

Good call experience even in a noisy environment

That option is called suppress background noise, and it will give you a great call experience even when you’re in noisy situations.

To access this setting:

-Open the Telegram app on your phone

-Go to Settings > Calls

-Under “Call”, turn on Suppress Background Noise

Get clearer calls anywhere!

If you’ve ever tried to have a call with someone who is in a noisy environment, you know how frustrating it can be. The background noise makes it hard to hear what they’re saying, and may even make the call impossible to understand.

The new background noise suppression option in Telegram will help you have clearer calls no matter where you are!

This feature is available in the settings menu. To turn it on: go to Settings > Call Settings > Suppress Background Noise

The feature will not work if you’re on an old version of Telegram (version 2.9 or earlier). If your app is outdated, please update it from our website here –


The new background noise suppression option in Telegram will help you have clearer calls no matter where you are! We hope that this feature will make conversations easier and more enjoyable for everyone around the world.