Nikita’s Juice CEO Nikita Hendricks Speaks About Her Newest Beverage Brand

Nikita Hendricks is a young 27-year-old Entrepreneur from Guyana who was born on January 22nd has just released her incredibly healthy juice brand ‘Nikita Juice’. Her juice line has been consistently releasing healthy taste loving beverages that have satisfied customers everywhere. Before Nikita Hendricks officially released her brand, there was a lot that she has to go through prior to her success stories.

Nikita moved to United States and had to leave her immediate family to make that move. This was ultimately a challenging decision for her. However, beyond these challenges Nikita knew that making this transition would actually end up improving her family’s quality of life for the future. Nikita Hendricks graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas in 2015 earning a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. After years of practice, Nikita Hendricks then followed through with releasing her brand ‘Nikita’s Juice’ publicly.

Currently Nikita’s Juice has four flavors – strawberry lemonade, ginger pineapple, peach blend and orange juice. Out of all four of them, customers have expressed that strawberry lemonade is their favourite and CEO Nikita Hendricks has also shared publicly that the strawberry lemonade flavour is the company’s best seller. Yes, the customers are in love with it, but so is the CEO/founder. Nikita Hendricks too agrees that the strawberry lemonade is definitely her favorite flavor as well. The irony behind it is that this was the brand’s very first flavor to begin with.

After all that Nikita Hendricks has gone through, she is incredibly grateful that her company is getting outstanding reviews from her customers almost every day about how much they love the juices. As Nikita’s Juice grows online, it is possible in the future to see a physical store. But in the meantime, the brand is highly focused on sharing their high-quality juices to as many people as they can digitally. As the brand grows and more customers come in, Nikita’s Juice is working on developing more flavors and exciting beverages for fans to endeavour.

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