New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home – Guide By Filipino Maid

Filipino Maids
Filipino Maids

On the last day of the year 2020, how many of you have made a list of new year resolutions and failed to do so by the first week. Do not demotivate yourself; it does happen to almost everyone. A study revealed that around 80 per cent of the people have failed to achieve their new year resolutions. Instead of working on the older ones, they make another approach on the big goals and resolutions. If this what we are all up to why not make the second list of explanation into a better and efficient one. How about making this new year a new home cleaning routine? We know that many of you have got the maid transfer from Singapore in 2020. Having a clean and hygienic environment brings all sort of positive energy. Plus, also enhance mental satisfaction which is beneficial for mental health. If you are willing to achieve that deep feeling of peace and well being, then shift the focus of resolutions towards your home. In this article, the Filipino maids give out some essential home cleaning solutions for the improvement and hold on to the new year resolutions this 2021.

Home Cleaning Resolutions Carried Out By Filipino Maids

  • At the starting of the year, how about to clear up space. Space which is being covered up in the unnecessary clutter. It is the perfect time to do so. To start with, go to that area in which you survive most of the time. It could be any corner or any room and after choosing that focus on two essential questions- Am I in love with this particular item or product? And Is it useful regularly? These two questions are enough for you to put the thing aside to trash or donate.
  • As the new year begins, are you thinking of stocking up the essentials already? Before that stop and have a keen look at the quantity of the products. After checking the amount, make a list of the products that are in use daily. By doing so, you will get to exactly know what items are in use regularly and what things are in use occasionally. As a result, this habit will help you to waste less, consume less, and gathers less clutter to your home
  • If you are not ready to organise the oversized closets and kitchen cabinets, you can start from something small. To emphasise the little, one can smoothly go for the flat surfaces such as coffee tables, nightstands, dressers, desks, and kitchen countertops. Pick each surface one by one and then clear off the unwanted junk slowly and steadily. After all, slow and steady wins the race.
  • As the festival season just got finished, it is most likely to get gifts, or some of us make an impulsive purchase for the house. Somehow that item or product ends up in a store or the bed box. To avoid that cluttering in the storage area makes a place for the new item. Make sure to find a suitable and permanent location. It could be an entryway, on the bathroom counter, or in front of the closet.
  • At the end of the day when you are about to get ready for bed, make sure to spend the five minutes cleaning or organizing the small section. You might be familiar with the saying that numerous drops of water make a sea. By setting up this five-minute task will clear up many chores. For instance – hang up the clothes, take out the trash or wiping the bathroom mirror.