Most Renowned YouTubers To Look Out For in 2021

YouTubers have an excellent craze today and are widely popular. Here is the list of the five best and famous YouTubers having a popular fan page. These Youtubers mostly make videos related to beauty, pranks, reaction videos, acting, blogging, etc. They got immense popularity over time just by their creative ways of videos. If you are interested in such videos, then do know their respective names, which are as follows:

Savannah Labrant

Subscribers: 12.8 million

  • Savannah Labrant bio – Born on 2 March 1993 in California, United States, Savannah has a family YouTube channel, LaBrant Fam, for which she is known more likely. Savannah Labrant’s age is 27 years. She, along with Michele Foley, also runs an Instagram account featuring their daughters. She was also a professional photographer, through which she turned into a blogger and Instagrammer.
  • Savannah Labrant net worth as a professional photographer and also a social media personality is $3 million. She has also gained immense popularity through the app TikTok.
  •  Cole and Savannah LaBrant got married in the year 2017. In 2016, she also saw in an episode of JoJo’s Juice TV series.
  • Labrant also has immense popularity on Instagram accounts made for Eveleigh, her daughter, and her friend Ava called forever. As her profession of photography, she has her own business with the name Little Red Rose Photography.

Alissa Violet

Subscribers: 3.81 million

  • Alissa Violet Bio – Born on 12 June 1996 in Brunswick, OH, Alissa Violet is a model and has well-known popularity on Instagram. Alissa Violet’s age is 24 years old. She got her recognition through the Next Models. Her Instagram followers are precisely more than 9 million. She posts comedy related videos on her YouTube channel.
  • Alissa Violet runs her YouTube channel and earns through the social media platforms starring as a model and an actress. Alissa Violet’s net worth is $6 million.
  • She made her career in Los Angeles, California. From 2017 to mid-2019, she was also dating Faze Banks. They were popularly known as Balissa.
  • Alissa also made a YouTube video called “A woman always gets what she wants.” It was in collaboration with Piques. She also earned over 600,000 followers on her channel on the Vine App before the app’s shutdown.

Ashtyn Joslyn

Subscribers: 212k

  • Ashtyn Joslyn bio- 26 years old, This excellent YouTube star was born on 24 June 1994. She is a very well-known YouTube star, often known for her pranks, challenges, or travel videos. Her videos reach more than 6 million views timely.
  • Ashtyn Sommer Joslyn, Youtuber, has an estimated net worth as per her YouTube channel is approx. $1M.
  • She is married to her boyfriend John, whom she met in high school, and at present, they also have a daughter named Zoe.
  • Her YouTube channel is by the name of her and her boyfriend ‘Ashtyn&Jon’. They make video blogs and game blogs together.
  • Not only on YouTube, but she is also extremely popular on her other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, which has more than 10K followers.
  • She also made her debut movie in 2016 named ‘Zombie’, which added to her popularity and excellent recognition.

Ellie Louise

Subscribers: 464k

  • Ellie Louise bio- This British YouTube star was born on 20 September 2001 In England. Ellie Louise is 19 years old. She is also very popular by the name of Ellie the Unicorn. 
  • Ellie Louise net worth, according to her fame and work, is estimated at $800,000. Before all of her fame, she was a Gymnastic player, which she started playing from four years of age.
  • She is associated with the SevenPerfectAngels channel and collaborated with the Seven Funtastic girls channel in October 2014. After this, she also joined SevenSuperGirls on their Sunday spot in the year 2017. She is always seen posting videos about beauty, fitness, and gymnastics.

Sarah’s Day

Subscribers: 1.49 M

  • Sarah’s Day Biography– Born on 30 August 1992 in Sydney, Australia, her actual full name is Sarah Stevenson. Sarahs Day height is 5 feet 3 inches. This top-rated Australian YouTube channel of Sarahs Day net worth is $695,000.
  • She is mainly a fitness and lifestyle blogger. She has got all her popularity through her beauty and the healthy lifestyle practices she follows.
  • She used to suffer from acne a lot before, so she went through lots of searches and solutions for it, and later because of that, she opened her YouTube channel.
  • The day is also a co-host of a podcast named The Health Code. Moreover, she got engaged with Kurt Tilde and now also has a son named Fox.

These YouTubers make real and useful content. This platform has now given rise to many such talents. Even the youth has got lots of opportunities now through YouTube. YouTube is the solution to your troubles now as you can watch any video on it, whether it is modeling, acting, related to rating, and many more. Get up and shine on soon.