Mobile LED screen vehicle can grow your business by promoting your brand outdoor

With the development of outdoor advertising, various commercial activities have adopted different forms of advertising to promote their products. However, traditional media also have certain limitations and can not completely cover this advertising market. A new mobile LED advertising vehicle has been growing popular in this outdoor advertising industry. This new media has been a good opportunity for small business to earn money.

Popular models of mobile LED display vehicles

Mobile LED display vehicles have two main structure forms. One is outdoor LED display installed on truck (so called mobile LED truck) and the other one is display installed on trailer (Mobile LED trailer).

These two mobile LED display vehicles have wheels to move and have lifting structure to make the outdoor LED billboard raise up. Thus, they can be a convenient design to take the screen anywhere you want. The mounted LED display can be customized with large size and high resolution for displaying clear advertising videos.

Features of mobile LED display vehicles in outdoor advertising

  Mobile advertising vehicles are being used more and more popular. In fact, mobile advertising vehicles are still a new type of advertising equipment, which rely on vehicle chassis to achieve the purpose of advertising publicity. That is, it can not only move and play ads, but also comes with sound and generator equipment. The advertising and publicity effect is very good, and these vehicles will be a kind of creative advertising equipment with good prospects.

  1. High arrival rate.

According to the authoritative survey results, advertising vehicle body is now the media with the highest arrival rate in outdoor advertising. With its forced and compulsory pushing of advertising information, it greatly strengthens the advertising audience’s cognitive process of products and brands.

  1. High mobility.

Mobile LED advertising truck or trailer can be mobile, not subject to regional restrictions. They can travel through every corner of the city to reach the large number of audience. Since they have not subject to time, routine restrictions, advertising on vehicle can be delivered to the general public at any time, anywhere.

  1. High coverage.

These mobile LED vehicles can cover a large area of major commercial areas, crowded residential areas, business and financial areas, airports, stations and other areas. Business like travel, home, shopping have the opportunity to contact the impact of high-frequency outdoor digital advertising.

Why mobile LED advertising vehicle can help your business?

One of the biggest advantage of the mobile advertising vehicle is the comprehensive function and applications. It is a product of the combination of LED display and vehicle. Then it can not be restricted by the site, time, space. The mobile LED vehicle can stop feasible, compared to the traditional outdoor media.

Advertisers just need to submit the content and advertising program can be changed at any time. And in the use of mobile advertising vehicle, one person will easily operate this vehicle. It can save money and effort.

This advertising mode of the mobile digital advertising truck has been recognized and praised by many advertisers since its launch. Mobile advertising vehicles can be based on the customer’s own needs, and in the right place and location to carry out advertising. It gives opportunity to  directly contact the audience, and can play a good publicity effect.

The LED screen of the mobile advertising vehicle has a good automatic adjustment function. It can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED screen to a suitable range according to the different light intensity in the environment. This not only can reduce the waste of resources, but also can bring more audience a better viewing experience.


Mobile LED screen vehicle has the characteristics of strong mobility, accurate target, wide range of dissemination, intuitive image, and good advertising effect. It is the most direct efficient tool for opening celebration, product release, image promotion, brand promotion, business promotion and advertising release. It can approach your target customers at any time so that your advertising investment can get the maximum return.