Looking for an Apartment? How to Find the Perfect One

Noosa apartments for sale make the perfect first property investment or home. However, it is critical that you take into consideration a few factors before choosing your apartment. 

Apartments are cheaper than homes and great alternatives for anyone looking close to a city. With varying facilities and sizes, discerning Noosa real estate for sale investors should look beyond the price tag. Instead, the savvy investor needs to dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of each property before accepting an offer.

Below is a short list of items to consider for the perfect apartment for you.

Strata fees

Purchasing an apartment means you are buying into its strata scheme. This scheme allows individuals to own their lots or apartments wholly while sharing ownership of the rest of the building with neighbours. 

Many strata schemes have annual charges or levies that cover maintenance and repair costs of the shared areas. How much each block asks for depends on the size of the building and facilities available. So, expect modern buildings with gyms, lifts, and pools to charge a significant amount in strata fees. 

Many apartment buildings on the Noosa real estate for sale list also have an owners’ association. This is the ownership committee responsible for the maintenance of the common areas. These associations are also responsible for levying apartment owners fees for renovations that go towards improving the common property. 

Explore the neighbourhood

Most times, living in an apartment means there is less space, so always look for properties that are close to facilities. For instance, apartment blocks that allow pets should be close to an open area or parkland. Also, make sure that the apartment is near a wonderful variety of gyms and supermarkets. 

Plus, apartment living may be stuffy, so look for Noosa apartments for sale close to restaurants, cafes, and bars. For investments, such nearby facilities also make your apartment more desirable to tenants. 

Assess security

With more people coming in and going out compared to houses, you must take into consideration the security features each apartment complex has. Modern complexes make use of pass codes, swipe cards, guards, and security cameras. Such installation provides you with peace of mind while adding a chunk to your annual homeownership costs. 

Structural integrity

The complex’s structure and apartment layout are key considerations for anyone looking to invest in Noosa real estate for sale properties. Inspect the building and look out for broken sealants, mould, and cracking. Also, check the condition of the walls and carpets to get an idea of the installation’s ability to deter noise. 

Getting the approval required to renovate an apartment is difficult-especially when making significant changes. If you are not happy about the design of the apartment you are looking at, experts recommend you look elsewhere. 

Where to find the perfect apartment

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