MindStir Media Publishing Makes Self-Publishing Attainable for Authors through Its Services and Book Funding Options

MindStir Media was established in 2009 to assist authors with self-publishing, a daunting task that requires a level of tech savviness that many authors do not possess. For authors who need help with publishing, MindStir takes a complicated self-publishing process and makes it “Mind-Stirringly Easy,” as the company’s tagline denotes. MindStir provides done-for-you editorial, design, publishing, distribution and book promotion and publicity services. One of its fastest-growing services provides authors with custom children’s book illustrations for picture books.

MindStir Media has been recognized as the best self-publishing company by a number of well-respected blogs and websites such as Penny Matters, iTech Post, and BestTechie. There are countless fly by night self-publishing firms, but MindStir Media has stood the test of time and has been in business for 12 years, experiencing tremendous success. For instance, MindStir has published nearly 50 award-winning books and recently garnered a rave review from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. Harrington called MindStir Media “the company you can trust to take your book to the next level.” He has also partnered with MindStir to help authors promote their books. For qualifying manuscripts, Kevin Harrington will write the foreword or introduction for a book project and then promote it through an online-based endorsement video, attaching his name and affiliation with Shark Tank to the author.

As one of the leading providers offering “assisted self-publishing” services, MindStir Media does all of the heavy lifting for authors. To make self-publishing even easier and attainable in 2021 and beyond, MindStir has now introduced financing options for authors. Up until now, authors would be required to pay for their book publishing projects with their own cash or credit cards–mostly paying for all the production and editing and more upfront. This is cost-prohibitive for many authors. Taking out financing for a book is a game-changer for many. Funding for books can be difficult to find, but MindStir — just like it’s services — makes funding easy. Authors can apply for book financing through a simple application. They can see within a couple minutes how much they qualify for and then choose a loan option that fits their needs. Ultimately, the author pays for MindStir’s services through monthly payments instead of coming up with the funds upfront or throwing it on an expensive credit card.

The icing on the cake is that MindStir Media authors receive mentoring and coaching from #1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert, the owner of the company. Hebert is a 9-time award-winning author featured and quoted in Forbes, Inc Entrepreneur, and Yahoo Finance as a business and self-publishing expert, so the advice that he provides to his author clients is unparalleled and invaluable. He has played a role in helping authors publish nearly a thousand books.

MindStir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company headquartered in North Hampton, NH. Authors can visit www.mindstirmedia.com to download a publishing guide and learn more about the available self-publishing services. The guide also includes an outline detailing the process that the company follows to publish each book. Free publishing consultations are available through the website as well. Authors can speak with J.J. Hebert directly before signing up. Hebert consults with authors through the free consultations, providing free publishing and writing advice for those who need it. Call 800-767-0531 for more information.

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