Microsoft Teams – The Right Way To Improving Your Team’s Productivity

In the last year, many companies moved to work remotely. This means that your business needs a great system to use to keep everyone on track. 

You’ll need to communicate with one another, give teammates tasks, submit your work, and problem solve. Luckily you can do this all in one place with Microsoft Teams. This is a chat-based platform that offers many features and apps mentioned in this guide by AvePoint on Microsoft teams apps

If you’re looking into changing your management system, continue reading to find out more.


Most workplaces use emails as their primary way to communicate with the team. However, when everyone has personal, work, and other emails, it can get confusing to keep up with communication. 

Microsoft Teams has its own email system. It sorts the incoming mail automatically from “focused” and “other.” You and your employees will never miss an email, as their inbox is directly connected to the app. 


Virtual meetings have been used a lot in recent months. It’s a great way to get everyone “face to face” without going into the office. Microsoft Teams allows employers to schedule meetings right in the system. 

As the head of the meeting, you can record the session. This is good for you to look back on in the future. Also, it’s beneficial for those who were absent. They can watch everything that happened in their own time to stay up to date. 

Collaboration Made Easy 

You can use the Microsoft Office features, such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint right in Teams. The employer doesn’t have to worry about who has a Mac or PC because both types of computers will work on the documents together. 

Microsoft Teams allows your employees to share, add comments, and work on documents together. There’s no confusion or having to wait for someone to give you access. Everyone will be able to work on the file at the same time. 


A majority of people have their phones on them all the time. Microsoft Teams offers an app that people can download to access their work. This means that your employees will be able to get things done anywhere. 

It will make answering a message, viewing an assignment, and much more right at the tips of their fingers. Also, some people enjoy working for their phones more than their laptop computers. It gives variety to your employees to make their experience the best possible. 


In a traditional way that a calendar works, Microsoft Teams has a Planner tab. This allows your employees and the employer to view the status of projects. You’ll know what they worked on yesterday, what their plan is for today, and what they’ll be doing by the end of the week. 

The Planner feature keeps everyone organized and on top of their work. It’s clear what’s expected of employees and how well they’re completing the tasks given. 

Team Building 

To run a successful business, everyone has to work together as a team. People are more willing to collaborate when they have personal connections. Microsoft Teams bot is a great feature to use to help everyone get to know each other. 

It will pair two random people together every week for a meeting. The bot will schedule it when both parties have free time in their schedule. They’ll be able to talk during this time and create personal connections. 


As an employer, you need to look at your team and see how to improve productivity. With Workplace Analytics through Microsoft Teams, you can track your employees’ focus. 

You can view how much time they’re actually producing work while there, and also if they’re doing things off the clock for you. It allows you to view when the worker is most productive and when they tend to slack off. 

You can use this information to help form your professional development. If many employees are having the same problem, make that a focus of the next meeting with skills to improve. 

The Bottom Line 

We’re moving more towards a digital world in all aspects of life, but especially with work. Having a reliable platform that’s a one-stop spot for everything will make for a more productive workplace. 

Use Microsoft Teams to grow your business. It can offer you a place for work emails, meetings, collaborations, mobile use, a planner, team building, and analytics to improve. If you’re thinking about updating your online business platform, consider using Microsoft Teams.