3 Things That All Great Executive Leadership Programs Have In Common

In theory, a leader is someone who guides their organization or team to success. However, leadership is more complicated in practice. It cannot be called a single quality, but it can be a combination of several traits like honesty, intelligence, empathy, accountability, admiration from teammates. Together, these characteristics make a personality that people like to follow. 

As per research, at least 47% of new managers do not join executive leadership programs, which may help them become great leaders. Also, around 60% of them fail within two years. Leadership programs are created to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership programs are different from one another, but all of them have some common pieces. Below are they:

  • Inspiring Speakers

All managers are capable of becoming great leaders. They only need someone to inspire them. Even the best textbooks cannot make someone a confident leader if the individual is not driven to learn. 

Business coaching programs involve an experienced, passionate speaker who encourages managers to explore and dig a little deeper to realize their strengths and capabilities. Each leadership program comprises a series of workshops over the span of multiple weeks. 

Exposure to experienced speakers, who share their valuable insights and stories, helps executives sharpen their skills and shape leadership styles. 

  • Peer Workshops

Effective leadership programs not only inspire candidates through speakers but also promote learning via leaders already existing in an organization. Although external leaders sharing their experience excite people, internal ones can connect with executives and provide a more concrete look at how to improve leadership skills. 

As per a report by McKinsey & Company, a management consulting company, less than 50% of organizations worldwide use peer learning. Many of them do not start such an initiative because they think it is a time-consuming and complicated process. 

However, the truth is that a peer workshop can be made simple with the help of a mindset transformation coach. It can be a monthly workshop that focuses on topics like empathy and vision-boarding. It can be a mentoring program where experienced professionals within an organization share their experiences and stories with others. Such a program encourages executives to dig deeper and get support from experts to hone their skills. 

  • Focus on Diversity

To become successful leaders, executives need to learn how to respect and promote diversity. In addition to making managers identify their skills, executive leadership programs train people to focus on diversity and appreciate the business of diverse experience. 

As per research by Glassdoor, more than 60% of job seekers take a look at a company’s diversity before applying for a job. It is essential for executives to understand the role of diversity in promoting a company’s work culture. A leadership program teaches the value of diversity and ways to adopt it. 

Final Words

Effective leadership programs hold the power to turn managers into great leaders. Organizations need to ensure that they hire a good company for executive coaching in Toronto. Through the right practices and leadership training, executives can become leaders that people like to follow.