Meet Caleb Boxx, the Man Behind Some of the Most Successful YouTube Automation Campaigns

How he’s helping others achieve financial freedom goals through YouTube Automation success

Caleb Boxx is the epitome of drive, dedication and rolling up your sleeves to get the job done. In fact, all of his efforts have led him to the present day in which he has generated millions in revenue for both himself and his clientele.

How does he do it? He helps others generate income and find success via YouTube Automation.

Boxx, who began making websites for clients at just 11 years old, launched his first YouTube channel as a gamer in 2016. In 2017, he made one which quickly grew to 80,000 followers in a mere three months. Over the next six months, his efforts garnered $20,000.

He was certainly on to something.

After consulting with his mentors and fellow influencers, he was prompted by his colleagues to teach others how to do what he did and, in 2018, he moved away from home for the first time, to Dallas, Texas. In 2020, he created his signature YouTube automation business model and by then was already turning in seven figures. So far, in 2022, he has registered a combined over $10 million in revenue, in both sales and from client channels.

Go Big or Go Home

Boxx’s Elite Membership Program is for entrepreneurs who have too much on their plates to contribute to YouTube automation. All that is required is as little as seven hours each week and, for those who may get lost in translation, Boxx and his team will hold their hands through the entire process and spoon-feed them everything they need to find eventual success.

Additionally, this program is for people who want to build around a mastermind group of hardworking, successful and helpful YouTube automation experts. Perks with this program include: training videos via YouTube University, admittance to a mastermind group, weekly Zoom mentorship calls, a graphic designer for channel logos and designs, private mentorship calls, access to brand deals — which varies on channel size, constant communication and stout customer service from Boxx and his team and a pre-monetized channel, which sports an immediate 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hours.

Many YouTube personalities, as well as high-profile celebrities have participated in this program.

The best thing about the Elite Membership Program is that it is not just relegated to YouTube automators, it also extends to those seeking to boost their respective personal brands and anyone who is new to YouTube and needs guidance.

Additionally, YouTube Automation also offers another pillar in its automation offerings and that is the Automation Program. Clients in this program are for the entrepreneurs who are far too busy to contribute more than 30 minutes to an hour each week on their 12-month campaigns.

Boxx and Co. will not only build and manage the automation and content team in this program, but also run the entire YouTube channel for the client. Perks include having access to consulting calls with trained YouTube automation professionals, an adapted personal channel group chat — where channel manager, consultants and the team can all communicate, and courses to dive deeper into information on the ins-and-outs of automation and backend systems.

This program includes eight videos per month for 12 months. Depending on the growth of the channel, Boxx and Co. could also possibly land brand deals, meaning that one could see their investment 10x overnight. In fact, ad revenue could possibly earn clients an extra $50K or more!

“We manufacture ‘faceless’ videos on YouTube while outsourcing cost-efficient, online freelancers to create the content,” said Boxx. “We start off by doing our market research by helping clients find the niche that is the most profitable for them, followed by delegating talent and building a system. All the while, we offer clients both consistency and virality methods to help them generate revenue. In fact, we only profit from the ads displayed on YouTube.”

Signing on the dotted line can be scary, but clients are flocking to YouTube Automation, and for good reason, as Boxx and his team are taking channels to new heights.

About Caleb Boxx

Caleb Boxx is a founder of YouTube Automation, a business model that allows people to automate their YouTube channels creating passive income. Boxx has helped hundreds of content creators. To learn more about Caleb Boxx, please visit


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