Gojek Clone App: Become The King Of Multi-Service Business

Have you always aspired to become the king of the on-demand industry in your region? Do you wish you could easily establish a business and build your own kingdom? Don’t worry dear entrepreneur because all your dreams are certain to become true. All that needs to be done is launch the Gojek Clone app! 

This on-demand multi-service app is a one-stop shop for all customers’ needs. By launching this application, you will be able to conquer more than 101 services. 

Want to know what those services are? See the list below! 

Multiple On-demand Services On One Platform 

This on-demand platform will empower you to offer your customers 101+ services from different genres. 

Let’s take a look at some of the major services available on this digital platform. 

Ride Services 

Just like Uber, this multi-service platform offers taxi and moto ride services from one location to another within the city. 

The app users can instantly book a taxi ride from X to Y location in the city via their smartphone or the internet-enabled iWatch app. 

YES! Your customers can easily book a ride on their iWatch that’s logged in with their account and has internet connectivity. Besides booking taxis, this mobile app also allows customers to rent a taxi with a chauffeur for a few hours. 

Ride Services 

Additionally, if your customers open the  Gojek Clone app, and click on “Taxi Booking”, they will be able to see moto ride booking and carpooling as well! 

Altogether, this app will allow customers to easily commute from one location to another with a single-tap booking service! 

Delivery Services 

The on-demand delivery services make it possible for customers to order anything they want anywhere. 

Here, customers can order food, groceries, medicines, wine, stationery, flowers, marijuana, etc. on the app and get them delivered to their doorstep. 

While ordering the items, the customer also gets the option to choose their preferred delivery option – doorstep delivery, contactless delivery, or takeaway. Since we are talking about delivery services, let’s see the different doorstep delivery options. 

Delivery Services
  • Normal doorstep delivery: under this delivery system, the driver will knock at the customer’s doorstep and hand over the package to them. 
  • Contactless delivery: the driver will place the package at the customer’s doorstep, click & upload its photo as proof, and notify the customer about the delivery. 

At-home Service 

Besides getting things delivered from stores and restaurants, people can easily hire professionals and get at-home services. 

Under this Gojek Clone app service, customers can hire beauticians, maids, car washers, babysitters, mechanics, etc. right to their doorstep. 

For example, a customer wants to get their home cleaned after a party. Well, they can select “home cleaners” and choose a suitable professional from the list. Here, they can compare the professionals based on their ratings & reviews, bio, photos/videos, proximity, service charges, etc. 

After finalizing the choice, the customer needs to add their home’s address, schedule the service if they want, or simply click on “Book Now”. Well, the professional will arrive at the location well-equipped with every material they want. 

Appointment Setting 

Apart from at-home services, your customer will also be able to set appointments with professionals.   

Here, they can set appointments with the doctor at their clinic, massage therapist at their spa, and so on. 

Appointment Setting 

It is easy to book an appointment with the service providers. While on the checkout page, the customer only has to select “At Provider Location”. 

Once selected, the customer can choose a suitable time from the Gojek Clone app and proceed with selecting the payment method to confirm the booking. 

Personal Shoppers 

The personal shopper is the one who helps your customer to fetch and get stuff from a store. 

These are named Genie. The customer can add the SEO Dubai details of the item on the app and hire a personal shopper to purchase the item and deliver it to their doorstep. 

That is how convenient it is to book services online on this multi-service app

Therefore, if you are planning to launch an app or establish a business in your region, this is just the right time to invest in the Gojek-like app and become a KING! 

In Conclusion: 

Are you ready to conquer the on-demand business industry in your region? If yes, then connect with the globally-renowned white-labeling experts! 

Get your hands on the best Gojek Clone app, get it white-labeled with your branding, and finally launch it on app stores and servers! Well, it takes only one week to launch the app. 

So, start today!


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