McMurray Stern’s Innovative Vertical Lift Modules Offer Clients a More Efficient and Effective Method of Storage

McMurray Stern– a company recognized for their innovation and unique approach to storage–  continues to make impressive and significant improvements to the industry. In coordination with various technological companies, McMurray Stern utilizes the latest technologies in their practices to deliver the most efficient storage solutions to their customers.

Micro Fulfillment, Shuttle Systems and Conveyors are only of the few creative ways that McMurray Stern have proved to effectively integrate technology into storage. Another exciting development that McMurray Stern has introduced to the storage industry is Vertical Lift Modules (VLM).

In partnership with SSI SCHAEFER, the LOGIMAT® VLM serves to aid customers struggling to find space in their warehouses or to safely retrieve their desired item through a complex and progressive technological approach.

According to the McMurray Stern website, “Vertical lifts by McMurray Stern are the ideal storage solution for industrial products, components, and spare parts for all possible environments and industries.” They continue to explain, “Many companies have chosen our lifts to help organize and improve their work-flow, thanks to its flexibility, wide range of models available, superior design, and ease of use.”

McMurray Stern’s VLMs are not at all specific to one industry. Their manual of this “flexible, space-saving solution” technology reveals, “users incorporate VLMs for various applications too— everything from nuts and bolts to high value items or pharmaceuticals.” Additionally, the manual notes that “many VLMs come with options that make picking virtually error-free and provide ergonomic benefits to increase picking speeds.”

Another advantage to these Vertical Lift Modules is that they reduce the client’s cost of order fulfillment significantly. This is just one, along with the countless other technologies integrated into McMurray Stern’s practices, that can help customers save a significant amount of money in their storage practices.

Statistically, these Vertical Lift Modules have proved to save storage facilities up to 90% of space and have improved the performance of these facilities by about 20%.

Only minimal training is necessary to operate this exceptional technology, which is yet another advantage of this system. It can also be tailored specifically to the client’s product to ensure even greater efficiency in storage practices. Several different sizes of these modules are available to best fit the customer’s product, varying both in terms of their width and depth. Customers can also modify the physical design of the product to match their aesthetic, just another aspect that showcases McMurray Stern’s close attention to detail.

McMurray Stern’s highly customizable technology is part of what distinguishes it from other companies. Their clients are consistently their highest priority, made clear through their various initiatives to foster client success.

The Vertical Lift Module is also extremely low-maintenance, another benefit of the McMurray Stern technology. Clients do not have to worry about constantly fixing this technology due to its robust, carefully-thought-out design.

All in all, the Vertical Lift Module is a highly valuable piece of equipment that can make automated storage a lot more efficient for an array of companies.

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