Marketing Ideas for Summer Events

Looking for some creative ways for your business to stand out this summer? While business continues as usual during the summer months, it’s also important to keep your marketing fresh and in line with the season. When attending events, find ways to showcase a summer theme in your advertising efforts. You can do this by coming up with a more relaxed, beach style vibe for your company that will suit the season. Make your brand more noticeable and fun for the summer heat by utilizing some of these marketing ideas.

Setup Outdoor Displays

If you are going to an event, such as a local festival or an outdoor trade show, think about promotional displays that are manufactured specifically for outside use. For example, one of the main go-tos for outdoor advertising is custom pop up tents. These displays offer shade and plenty of space for branding, and can go on a sidewalk, the grass, or on a beach. They also are the perfect display to tie your whole exhibit together. Other popular kinds of outdoor marketing promotions include feather flags, banners, yard signs, and tablecloths. Come up with a unique way to showcase your promotional materials and spread brand awareness by having your logo printed on outdoor displays.

Give Out Summer Related Giveaways

Often when attending an event, businesses like to give away promotional items to people who visit their booth or tent. Think of fun giveaways that relate to summer. For example, there are many sports associated with summer, such as frisbee and volleyball. Have your logo printed on a frisbee or ball that you can giveaway to your customers. You can also think of beach themed items, such as towels, large beach balls, and big tote bags, to have custom made for your business. There are many companies that specialize in having your logo or slogan printed on these kinds of materials. Your customer base is more likely to see your logo on a regular basis if you get it printed on something they can use soon.

Use Summer Themed Graphics

When coming up with what to have printed on your displays and your giveaways, naturally having your logo and promotional information is important. It’s also important to create a design that will grab the attention of everyone who walks past your exhibit. Something that you can do to grab their attention is to make your graphics more decorative – more than just an advertisement. People are more likely to get a good look at your artwork if it includes a lot of colors and graphics rather than just your company logo. Include summer-themed colors, patterns, and clipart with your logo to give your business a more personable look. Some ideas include fruit, the ocean, sunglasses, and the sun.

Utilize Summer Holidays for Marketing

Not only can you add summer themed images, but you can also incorporate upcoming holidays into your advertising. There’s a good chance that the event your attending might be to celebrate a holiday, whether local or national. Tie that holiday into your brand to make your marketing more interesting and current. For example, if it’s the 4th of July, add fireworks and red, white, and blue to your displays and promotional materials rather than just using the same items for every event. If your business also deals with school supplies or clothes, you can use a back-to-school theme with your promotions. Think of how you can include the next holiday or shopping trend into your marketing campaigns.

Participate in Local Summer Events

One of the ways you can spread brand awareness during the summer months is by attending all your local summer events. Does your town or city have several fairs, festivals, park days, farmer’s markets, or parades during the summer months that you would like to be part of? Find out what they are and how you can join by looking at your town’s social media or newspaper articles. The more events you go to, the more people will see your logo, become familiar with your business, and learn about what products and services you offer. Your business can even sponsor an event where many of the promotional materials will include your logo and contact information – allowing you to get your brand “out there” even more.

Create Summer Related Content

If you are selling products or giving away reading material at the event, utilize more summer themes. For example, customize your brochures and catalogs with a summer design and spotlight products and services that can be used in summer. This doesn’t just have to extend to events, this can be done on your company website all summer long. Write a summer-related blog where you can also market the events you will be attending, take new product pictures with a summer layout, have summer themed sales, etc. Your summer marketing efforts don’t just have to be for attending events in person, having virtual summer advertising is just as important.

Find Summer Trends on Social Media

Finally, a way that you can advertise what events you will be attending while also keeping the summer theme going is working on social media. There are many summer related hashtags and trends on social media that your company can participate in. It’s also likely that all the events will you be going to have their own hashtags that you can utilize in your posts so that they reach more people. You can come up with seasonal graphics to post on your social media that also promotes your products and services. Let your customers know if you will be at an event near them by promoting not just your company, but the events in your social media feed.


While summer is a season of relaxing and vacations, it’s also a great marketing opportunity for your business. By incorporating summer images into your advertising campaigns, you will make your brand more relevant, fun, and approachable. Think about what events you can attend and how you can make your company stand out among the crowd with cool seasonal advertising.


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Time Business News Editor Team