Mannequin for the Store: Tips to Make Your Choice Easier

The mannequin for a clothing store is not just equipment; it also works as a sales facilitator. Mannequins collaborate with the aesthetics of the windows and the store, help enhance the value of the pieces on display, and can even sell a complete “look.”

Nowadays, there is more than one specific type of store mannequin, as there used to be. There is a huge variety of mannequin models, such as colourful ones, with different sizes and body types.

Therefore, the retailer must know which is ideal for their audience before choosing which one to buy. To help you with this task, we have produced this article on tips for choosing clothes mannequin for a store. Good reading!

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Mannequin for Your Store

Before you start searching for models, it’s important to analyze the company’s brand and audience. This is necessary to understand what image the store wants to convey to customers, which will be reflected in the window, for example.

It is important to remember that the showcase and the mannequins in it are the customer’s first impression of your products. In other words, there is your brand’s identity and concept. So, reflect on this if your audience is more conservative, more casual, predominantly female, male or mixed.

Suppose it is a brand aimed at children or adults, among other characteristics. Hence, choose accordingly, for example, a male mannequin for a man, as there are different ones for a different audience.

Buy Different Mannequin Models for the Store

It is worth mentioning that each type of product requires a kind of dummy so that the pieces are relevant and add value to the showcase. Therefore, it is interesting to have mannequins for the store that are different from each other, both in gender (if you work with both), but also in sizes, always thinking about embracing the diversity of body types.

In other words, the ideal solution is to have mannequins representing thin and plus-size people. This makes customers feel represented and comfortable in the environment, creating affinity with the brand.

Discover Some Mannequin Models

In addition to aesthetics, there are different types of mannequins and purposes. The best known are store mannequins, which serve as displays for items, but other types help sewists and stylists’ work:

  • Fashion mannequin;
  • Pilot part mannequin;
  • Mannequin for inside the store;
  • Mannequin for the showcase;
  • Mannequin bust;
  • Fixed mannequin;
  • Rotating dummy.

Think About Your Audience and Product Style

A specific type of store mannequin will be more appropriate depending on the style of your products and the audience the brand serves. For example, a store whose customers are more modest and wear more elegant clothes might consider having mannequins in sober tones, not overdoing the poses, and drawing attention specifically to the clothes and accessories.

For children’s product stores, in addition to needing mannequins with a child’s body type and size, it is necessary to consider buying colourful, more attractive, and playful mannequins. This is because children have more visual appeal than adults and give a more fun tone to the store.

Stores with alternatives and a young audience focused on urban fashion or party clothes, for example, can invest in a mannequin for a store with a contemporary style. Like mannequins in metallic or colourful tones that are articulated, as they add a special touch to the environment, clothes and accessories.

Choose Good Quality Products

You already know that many different types, shapes, sizes, and colours exist. Indeed, after a good search, you will find a mannequin for the store that suits your brand’s style and target audience. So, now is the time to evaluate the quality and materials of the mannequins. Due to these two factors, values ​​and durability vary greatly.

The store mannequin made of polypropylene is shock resistant, and its value per unit is cheaper, but the design is of inferior quality. The polyurethane mannequin is more resistant to impacts and has more details, making it more expensive.

Nowadays, fibreglass mannequins are considered the best quality, as they are highly durable and do not get dirty as much. They also have a colour and texture similar to humans, and their price is affordable. The only negative point is that they are not ecological.

Unlike the store mannequin made from fibreglass, the polyethene mannequin is environmentally friendly, has an excellent design, and is lightweight. Because of these details, it tends to be more expensive. In addition to all of the above types, there is a store mannequin that is articulated and made of wood. There are also dolls made from recycled materials and even with fabric bodies.

Search for Store Mannequin Suppliers

After deciding on the points above, the next step is to list all the suppliers with mannequins for sale, with whom you should check the value and payment conditions. Gather more in-depth information about each one. This consists of knowing if there are complaints on the internet, what materials are used to manufacture the mannequins, the average time of use for maintenance, and so on.

Time on the market and talking to customers help establish the credibility and seriousness of the company. Mannequins are a key part of your store; keep this in mind before making a purchase.


Always remember that the store mannequin is part of the establishment’s aesthetics. In other words, a broken, chipped, or dirty doll can make a bad impression on customers. So, contact us today at Valentino to get our quality available mannequins for sale!