Learn How to Identify Fake News or Misinformation

In the era of technology, with the large-scale dissemination of fake news, it can be difficult to separate the truth from the lie and, as Saint Thomas Aquinas said, adapt “thought to the real thing”.

In today’s article, we will discuss the pointers to always look for to help you differentiate legitimate news from fake news. We will also direct you to an OTT News platform where you can get all the latest releases tailored for you!

Factors to Keep in Check to Know a Fake News Platform

Below are some tips for identifying what is real news and what may be false or misleading content:

Flashy or Bombastic Titles

Strong calls, which appeal to emotion, are one of the main characteristics of fake news. The objective is to encourage sharing the message with as many people as possible. Often, the title is misleading and does not match the rest of the text. Never read just the title and check if the fact has been reported in other outlets. Many memes with false information also tend to have bombastic titles in large letters.

Spelling or Grammatical Errors

If the text is full of errors or even if there is just one gross error, be suspicious. Professional OTT news outlets have teams that review the text and information before publishing. At this point, any errors are normally eliminated.

Opinion Texts as If They Were News

In professional journalism, opinion articles are signed by their authors, whose opinions cannot be confused with reality. The outlet’s opinion is expressed in editorials identified as such. News texts must be neutral. If the supposed news contains disguised opinions in the middle of the text, it is not exempt — look for other sources on the subject.

Attention: It is one thing to present interviewees’ opinions in the report; it is another to embed the opinion in the middle of the text to try to manipulate those who read it.

Unknown Sites or Channels

News published by an unknown website or channel is not necessarily a lie, but it is worth checking whether other better-known outlets have also published it. If the fact is relevant and true, the mainstream press will certainly report it. Otherwise, this would harm the credibility of the outlet, which is their greatest asset.

No newspaper, TV, radio or professional website wants to take a “scoop”, that is, not report something real and important that was published by competitors. Much less committing a “belly”, that is, disclosing misleading information.

True, but Old News

Often, true news can be disseminated out of context and published as if it had happened recently, which can cause misinformation. Always check the publication date. If the supposed news does not have a date, do an internet search to find out when the event occurred (and if it actually occurred).

Spoofed URL

Pay close attention to the URL, the address where the news is actually published. It is common for fake news creators to publish a link that apparently refers to a traditional outlet but actually leads to a website where the false content is published. On the PC, just rest the mouse on the link, before clicking, and the real URL appears in a thumbnail at the bottom of the page. On your cell phone, press your finger on the link and hold for a few seconds until you see the URL on the device screen.


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