M. Curtis McCoy on becoming a motivational speaker

M. Curtis McCoy is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and personal development coach I recently got to interview. M. Curtis McCoy helps executives reach their full potential. He’s also a role model for many would-be entrepreneurs.

Curtis is a popular speaker who speaks at conferences and events worldwide. His talks are always well-received by his audiences. “Success, Motivation, and Inspiration” hosted by M. Curtis McCoy on Amazon Fire TV, is an incredible video podcast style show where he interviews business leaders, entrepreneurs, and wonderful people who share their success stories.

Please tell us more about how you first got into motivational speaking?

I’ve been building businesses for over 20 years in various industries, but becoming a great communicator gives you massive advantages in life and business! So I joined a speaking club called Toastmasters years ago to work on communication & public speaking while I was opening my third retail store.

I realized over the years that I love people & I truly feel called to uplift & inspire my fellow man. I didn’t enjoy running retail stores, but I love public speaking, so in 2020, we closed all my stores & I went into full-time speaking & writing personal development books!

You are also an astounding author. What is your creative process like when coming up with a new idea for a book?

After surviving brain cancer, I started blogging to remember what I read in personal development books. I’ve read an average of 6 books per month since I was a kid, but I noticed many personal development books are written by a single author who hasn’t achieved the goals they’re teaching about in their book.

I’m writing my 5th and 6th books now, but my process is different than most. I typically interview dozens or even hundreds of successful people who share their insights on the topic I’m writing about. Some of these interviews are done via video call, some are done by having the co-authors fill out a form with questions and answers on MCurtisMcCoy.com, and others involve traveling to meet them and sharing lunch or coffee to interview them.

I spend months curating the interviews & filtering out the best insights from each leader, so my readers can learn the most valuable tips and insights from each co-author! I think this is one of the reasons my most recent book reached #1 Bestseller status in 9 categories globally.

It takes me much longer to write books when interviewing many leaders, but I think the result is worth it.

As an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, what differentiates you from everyone else in your field?

My diverse background in business & life gives me a unique perspective that helps me connect with people from all walks of life. I’ve started companies in retail, e-commerce, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and more. I grew up in an abusive household. At one point, my biological father handed me a loaded .357 magnum pistol & told me to “do the world a favor” (meaning commit suicide), and I also battled brain cancer.

All of these experiences have given me empathy for others & helped me better understand what it takes to overcome adversity in business & life. I’m not just some “guru” on a stage sharing platitudes… I’m a regular guy who’s been through some tough times and learned some valuable lessons!

What would you say is your most outstanding achievement?

I’ve had a lot of success in business & it’s cool knowing my books have been bestsellers globally, but I’m so honored to be in a position to connect with folks who are struggling and give them hope to keep going.

Earlier this year, a young guy called to leave a voice message with a stranger he found online in the middle of the night, saying he was going to end his life. Luckily, I answered the call & we spoke for over 45-minutes. This young guy decided not to finish the bottle of pills he had started eating and decided to give it one more try.

I mailed him a copy of my latest book, and he promised to read it before deciding to end his life. We’ve kept in touch, and he’s chosen to surround himself with positive people, and his sense of self-worth completely improved.

I love letting people know that God loves them. Inspiration is my most outstanding achievement.

What message do you want to give to your readers?

Keep going when things get tough. You are loved by the God who created the entire universe, and you have a great purpose in this life! Don’t give up on yourself because you are worth fighting for!

What is the best way for someone to reach you if they are interested in working with you?

I love connecting on social media! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most other platforms by searching M. Curtis McCoy. My handle on every platform is @MCurtisMcCoy.

You can also visit https://MCurtisMcCoy.com or https://MCM.team or Google me if you’d like! Let’s connect!