London End-Of-Summer Music Festivals You Won’t Want To Miss

When you think of London, what comes to mind? The iconic Big Ben, River Thames, or perhaps the London Eye? What about the pulsating rhythm of a live concert, electrifying the city’s air and painting the summer skies with an undeniable sense of festivity? 

At this time of year, London’s end-of-summer music festivals are an integral part of the city’s cultural calendar. This article will whisk you through some of the most exciting, toe-tapping, and downright unforgettable music festivals you won’t miss.

Important Tips To Prep for the Festivals

Planning ahead for these festivals can mean the difference between a chaotic experience and a memorable day. One crucial tip, especially for travelers or people lugging around backpacks, is to use a service like London Bridge luggage storage. That way, you can leave the bulk of your belongings behind and be light on your feet as you enjoy dancing all night.

With logistics covered, you can’t forget about the little details. Dress appropriately for the weather, hydrate regularly, and don’t forget sunscreen — even in foggy old London. It may be the end of summer, but the sun can still burn you. Ensure you also have the numbers for your emergency contacts and a small first aid kit on hand. After all, it’s important to be prepared!

With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Below, discover the best of London’s end-of-summer music scene.

1. All Points East

Born out of the vibrant heart of Victoria Park in 2018, All Points East has been a beacon for music lovers from all corners. It’s a staggering ten-day music extravaganza featuring a brilliant array of artists, from blockbuster headliners to indie gems. This festival encapsulates the spirit of diversity and unity, all wrapped up in a love for music.

It’s not just about the music here … there’s a vibrant street food market, craft beer stalls, and even a kid’s area to make it an enjoyable day out for everyone. Plus, Victoria Park is one of London’s biggest and most beautiful green spaces, nestled in the heart of the quaint Victoria Park Village. 

Pro-tip: If you go on a Sunday, Victoria Park Village’s Empress does a mean Sunday roast.

2. Body Movements

First hitting the scene in 2020, Body Movements is more than a festival — it’s a celebration of queer culture and techno music. This festival is a vibrant collage of music, art, and community across multiple venues in Hackney Wick. If a day full of techno beats and rainbow flags sounds like your jam, this is a festival you can’t miss.

Body Movements is a festival that prides itself on its vibrant community spirit and inclusivity. It’s a pulsating beat of diversity and acceptance, bringing the LGBTQ+ community and their allies together for a day of fun and celebration. 

This festival goes beyond music, offering workshops, discussion panels, and art installations, all promoting equality and unity. These unique aspects, paired with a stellar line-up of techno artists, ensure that Body Movements is much more than a music festival … It’s a movement. 


Located in vibrant South London, RALLY is an iconic music festival that truly believes in the connection between the artist and the audience, paving the way for a remarkable experience. It has an international twist, which means the artists attending range from local London favorites to New York rappers, offering a genre-defying experience that will have all music lovers dancing.

RALLY also rallies behind values like collaboration, integrity, diversity, transparency, and environmental sustainability. They put their money where their mouth is by fundraising for local causes and creating a safe and open space for all attendees.

4. Pub in the Park

Pub in the Park brings together the best of British: music, food, and, you guessed it, pubs. Established in 2017, this festival combines gastronomical delights from top chefs and groovy tunes from exceptional musicians. This is a festival for those who like their guitar riffs served with a side of gourmet sliders.

The combination of music and gastronomy makes Pub in the Park a truly unique festival. This event brings some of the UK’s top chefs and musicians together in a celebration of British culture. Each year, the festival’s stages host a range of artists, from chart-topping bands to local talent. 

Simultaneously, festival-goers can enjoy mouth-watering dishes prepared by acclaimed chefs, all while basking in the relaxed pub garden atmosphere. In essence, Pub in the Park serves up an irresistible mix of tunes and taste buds that make for a quintessentially British festival experience. 

End Summer With a Bang

As the summer sun starts setting a little earlier each day, don’t forget to squeeze in these fantastic festivals to get the most out of the season. Whether you’re a London local or a traveler taking in the sights and sounds of this bustling city, these end-of-summer music festivals promise to make your London experience even more memorable.