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What is Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera?

During the last few years, a lot has changed in terms of security. And it has become all the more important because video surveillance on your property or in your apartment is becoming more and more useful. Every few minutes there is a burglary, which not only takes valuable contents of the apartment but also jeopardizes the general safety of residents. To some extent, however, such systems for video surveillance are still difficult to install, which is why many choose to do nothing at all. That’s why today we’ve taken a look at a video surveillance system that’s supposed to offer all of that, while also being completely straightforward. The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is an easy-to-install video surveillance system that manages without any wires or increased effort. It simply twists into a bulb socket for function and provides the highest level of protection and security possible when you’re away from home. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

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The data is transferred directly to the smartphone and thus you have full control, which you would also have with other monitoring systems. You can always see what is happening within your own four walls, and the system is so easy to use. The manufacturer promises the following features for the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera:

  • – The camera can be used for different purposes.
  • – The operation is very simple.
  • – It not only provides the function of an alarm but also an LED lamp.
  • – You can take them with you practically everywhere.
  • – The use of cables or batteries is not required.
  • – There is a night vision, with which you can see everything in the best way even in the dark.
  • – It has a built-in alarm system that works via a motion sensor. Thus, it alerts the user as soon as something moves in the surroundings. You do not even have to spend a fortune on this.
  • – It allows night vision, so there is a good level of security even during the night. It records what is happening in the entire 360-degree environment viewing area and passes it on without any problems.
  • Super bright LED light: Video surveillance can be very well mistaken for LED lighting at the same time, so burglars won’t even notice it. Thus, even higher security is guaranteed.
  • – Wireless function: Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera runs without any cables or batteries, so it is always ready to use without fearing for its function.

You can see that the video surveillance system has a very simple design, but at the same time has all the capabilities that you would hope for from such a system. At the same time, it remains easy to operate and can also be used throughout the house or apartment. For more information and a discounted price, visit the product website here!

Why do I need this video surveillance?

Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is interesting for virtually all users looking for suitable video surveillance for their apartment or house, which can be installed with minimal effort. It is not possible to assume a certain age or gender group. Thus, it is suitable for users of any age and one can use the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera as a man, as well as a woman. At the same time, they will also be gladly accepted by those who have previously used another form of video surveillance but were not satisfied with it. Satisfied will be those who are looking for a different type of video surveillance and perhaps have never tried a system before. Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera performs the common tasks of video surveillance and is therefore interesting for basically everyone to create more security.

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Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera Rating and Recommendation

We would very much like to recommend the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera and think that it can provide more security and is a video surveillance system that is well worth checking out. It can be a good excellent native to typical systems. Because it is not only easy to install but also does tasks that other systems do not. Many people have already been convinced by the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera and are enthusiastic about its features. Therefore, we would like to recommend it without any reservations. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera technical facts

Now let’s take a look at the technical features of the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera to get an even better picture of it. Here you can get a good idea of what you can expect from video surveillance and what it can be used for most of all. The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera has the following features:

The aforementioned capabilities prove that the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera can fulfill the features of normal video surveillance and offer even more functions. Therefore, it makes sense to try it out. In many cases, other systems are much less equipped.

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What are the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera quality features?

Unfortunately, there are no official tests or quality seals for the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera. Therefore, we undertook the test ourselves and convinced ourselves of its function. We initially ordered the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera, which was no problem via the provider. He also provides certain offers, but we will talk about them later. They are always beneficial. When the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera finally arrived at our place, we were first convinced by its workmanship. The video surveillance makes a solid impression, which is what we used it with right away. The manufacturer writes that it is easy to use and that no cables need to be laid. This is also true because the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera can simply be screwed into a lamp socket and you have a fully functional video surveillance system. You can increase security a bit with this.

Then we paired the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera system with our smartphone. This was also done without any problems and within a few minutes. Every time someone walked past the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera, it turned on and sent the data to our smartphone. The bonus: At first glance, you can’t tell it’s a security camera. This will certainly irritate one or two burglars a lot, so they don’t even pay attention to the fact that they are being recorded.

A big advantage was also the HD quality with which the system took the pictures. It was straightforward to see who was moving in front of the camera. The same applies to the recordings during darkness. The system worked flawlessly here as well. In general, we believe that the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera can do its job very well, and thus we are happy to recommend it without any reservations.

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General Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews

During our research on the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera, we also found individual testimonials that came from users who were already able to try out the video surveillance. They were convinced of its functionality and also wanted to provide more security in their own homes. Many described how easy the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is to use and were thrilled with it. Nonetheless, some even took it with them on vacation. Most also describe the connection as being hassle-free, which can be created with a smartphone. Many would choose the system again and would include video surveillance in their approach. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I buy a Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera?

The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is best ordered directly from the address we provide in our contact details because there you can be sure to get the original and the quality that comes with it. The provider also has a few offers up its sleeve, which bring further advantages to the buyer. Because these consist not only of one Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera but several. These can then be distributed throughout the house and thus have complete video surveillance of the house, which alerts you when you are not at home. At first, these offers seem like they would be more expensive. But if you do the math, it soon becomes clear that you pay less than if you ordered them individually. Therefore, it always makes sense to take advantage of the offers when they are available. After all, at some point, they disappear and it’s not clear whether they will return. They could then also be much more expensive.

Ordering is very simple: first, one of the offers is selected and the data is entered into the adjacent form. Afterward, the payment method is selected, which is very secure and makes it easy for the user. This includes options such as Paypal or credit card. After that, the order is triggered and you can look in your mailbox. Because there is subsequently a summary of the order, which allows even more information. If a message is sent by mail again, it often contains a tracking link. This can be used to track the package online. This way, you are always aware of when it will arrive. Thus, ordering from the manufacturer is advantageous.

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Who is the provider of the product?

The provider is a company that has the following address: Beverly Hills Gadget Shop, PO Box 270583, Flower Mound TX 75027, USA. In addition, there is also a mail address, as well as a phone number to contact.

To buy Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera, visit the following URL:

The mail address is as follows: cs @ beverlyhillsgadgetshop . com. The telephone number is the following: +1 (888) 206-2102. Caution: This is a hotline located in the USA. Therefore, it is best to use the English language when calling.

General information about safety

The topic of security plays an increasingly important role within the last few years. Video surveillance is therefore becoming something that all house or apartment owners should concern themselves with. Because not always only material values are lost during a burglary. Often there are also emotional values in things that may have a high monetary value for others, but you do not pay much attention to the money you paid for it. You may have received a ring as a very expensive gift, but you wouldn’t give it back because of the memory of a relative. To protect such things and provide sufficient security, video surveillance is usually installed. Unfortunately, these installations are often accompanied by high costs and a lot of dirt and other things. Cheaper alternatives, on the other hand, do not provide the necessary surveillance that you want.

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An alternative to this is the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera, which not only has the capabilities of a surveillance camera but also acts as an alarm system at the same time. In this way, several tasks can be accomplished with the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera. Because it also films during the night and even records material via a separate SD card input. This means you are always on the safe side. It functions like a normal light bulb that is screwed into a lamp socket. That’s all that’s required for installation.

Known FAQ about this product

In this final section, we’ll answer any other questions you may have about the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera, giving you even more confidence when making a purchase. You’ll have all the information you need at a glance.

Q: How long will it take for the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera to reach me?

A: Delivery times vary, by carrier, and location, but usually are within 10 days of your order.

Q: Is it possible to hang the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera outdoors?

A: It should be protected from rain in any case. Because otherwise, it may cause malfunction. However, the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is mainly designed to take pictures indoors.

Q: Is the laying of cables not necessary?

A: Not. It is simply screwed in where you would screw in an ordinary light bulb. This is done quite simply via the lamp thread.

Q: Can different people use the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera at the same time?

A: Yes. Simultaneous monitoring by several smartphones is possible, which makes it possible to thus ensure a perfect overview.

Q: Is it possible to take the surveillance camera with me on vacation?

A: This is not a problem. It can be used in any place where you want surveillance. This can also be in any hotel room. As long as you can get to the appropriate lamp where you want to turn it in. It is not necessary to pair it with the smartphone again for this. It is simply dismantled and reattached at the new location, where there is usually a light bulb.

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